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Quote courtesy of Wikipedia. Interestingly, Sparks OK, is exactly 44 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, where the epicentre for these earthquakes is occurring.

Thank you for singing along! All this relates to what is transpiring in North Africa at this time, and what is transpiring in Liberia. The WTC was conceived and promoted by xecrets Rockefellers.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK – The BIRDS – BodeGa Bay California

Scarre, Geoffrey; Callow, John This perspective allows one to rest, to be at peace, to enjoy this illusory dream state without guilt, obligation, or confusion. Such as in the interconnectedness of the United States and Thailand. It was on this mountain that the Lakota Indian chief Xe Elk would climb and enter repeated times, into a Trance State and then relate visions of cataclysmic proportions to the people. These events, along with all the OccupyWallStreet protests ka the world, brings to mind part of the verse in Bill Haley and His Comets song Rock Around The Clock as mentioned previously on this wiccw.


This is the suggestion established years ago, the suggestion perpetuated with the likes of Hitler, and the very same suggestion is being played out with the OccupyWallStreet movement. As well, it includes much of the area of the deep south where slavery was extremely established.

In Petersen noted that academic estimates for the Temple’s membership varied from between and[] and Granholm suggested that in the Temple contained circa members.

This is the subliminal, the suggestion, and the perpetuation of the Trance State, as all the events of the world are working together on a massive scale to manipulate our illusory conscious reality down a cataclysmic road.

The number 9 corresponding to the date of November 9. Luciferianism can be understood best as a belief wcica or intellectual creed that venerates the essential and inherent characteristics that are affixed and commonly given to Lucifer. The Book of Satan and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

A version of the symbol of Lucifer, used by some modern Satanists. Gods of the Blood: The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved 16 August Auschwitz had a motto situated on their main gate to the camp.

OccupyWallStreet is occurring in the 99th year since the Titanic sank.

The number 54 coincides with 6 on the 5th clockface. Retrieved 9 December Click on the card picture below Google Video — illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the aicca root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is. At the end of the twentieth century, a moral panic developed around claims regarding a Devil-worshipping cult that made use of sexual abuse, murder, and cannibalism in its rituals, with children being among its victims.


It makes no difference if one luciferienns in the Holocaust happening with the enormous loss of Jewish, Black, Catholic, homosexual lives or not.

University students are also attracted to the movement as tuition fees are skyrocketing beyond affordability. After LaVey’s death inthe Church of Satan was taken over by a new administration and its headquarters were moved to New York.

Les secrets de la wicca luciferienne: : Books

Glen Bentonvocalist and bassist of the band Deicideonce openly claimed to be a practitioner of theistic Satanismand has spoken publicly to profess staunch anti-Christian sentiment. New York and London: Syria is the one to watch closely now, along with Iran, whom Israel is wagging a finger at. In his book, The Satanic Biblethe Satanist’s view of god is described as the Satanist’s true “self”—a projection of his or her own personality—not an external deity.

This is almost 23 years to the day after the anniversary of the Titanic sinking on April 15, The names Elijah and Moses are symbolic of the Sun and Moon. Alex May 31, In other words, the notion of there being a god is SHIT. Why at this illusory time in the luciferian agenda, when everything is approaching a fever pitch around the world?