Komilla Sutton: Vedic Astrology. Planets Debilitated (SUN, VENUS) by Transit 2/2: Komilla Sutton Vedic Astrology – Duration: 10 minutes. views; 3. Komilla Sutton, Brentwood, California. K likes. , The Essentials of Vedic Astrology [Komilla Sutton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vedic astrology arises out of ancient cosmology and is.

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Sometimes you want to look in a different way.

I suppose I admire a lot of good brains that I have heard lecture, but there is no single individual who I would say has influenced me greatly in the western world. Only 3 left in stock momilla order soon.

But like an actor can be a very good technician, but may not be a star, for an astrologer as well, to really reach to the great knowledge, to really understand, you have to be quite committed. I went to an astrologer in and I was just amazed at the information available suton the Jyotishi from my birth chart. The thing about astrology that is very different here, in India an astrologer works suttton his personal rules.

Not opt out, either – because very often people with such a transit will want to opt out – get divorced, get rid of whatever their lifestyle is, at that particular moment.

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But we still have – like a law, like the structure of a country – the birthchart, so we have limitations. I don’t predict death. Her Academy teaches a three year online study program plus advance courses. I was born just post-independence in India, so we were – I would say – confused. Normally, for clients I don’t look at it.

Now unless you are a gemologist yourself, and are able to buy with that knowledge, it is very difficult to know what you are buying – what is the quality, what is a fair price, all those things. Indian astrologers are interested in the focus of your whole life – from the two main events of life, birth and death. Looking at celebrities – when I was looking at Diana’s chart, I never really looked at death for her, whereas now I feel that it was there, staring me in the face, and I should have looked at it.


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I feel it is a personal choice. In fact an individual is the true reflection of the universe.

Skyscript: Interview with Komilla Sutton recorded by Garry Phillipson

But it is not really my field of expertise. I was talking to Maurice McCann about aspects – he was questioning the value of harmonics, partly because there is no precedent for them in tradition, so I suggested that the Vedic tradition does offer such a precedent – with the navamsha chart, for instance, corresponding to the ninth harmonic. He said, “Yes, but is it – really? We have an association here for Vedic astrology in England sktton people can come and attend our lectures.

Nowadays there are some recognised schools in Delhi and other areas, but traditionally you had a teacher guru – somebody who taught you the rudiments, gave you the secrets and nurtured you. Vedic Astrology Oct 26, I know that, in Eastern spiritual traditions, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on the relationship between teacher and student; how central is that to jyotish? I can give you an example of a chart.

Komilla Sutton (@komillasutton) • Instagram photos and videos

Of course, I wouldn’t tell a client, ‘For two and a half years, you oomilla avoid it’, but I can see that there are going to be problems. This showed that she was going to go through further problems connected with her father and herself.

There are lots of people who just work on predictions. Mercury is the most malefic planet for Scorpio ascendants and it can create problems for Manju.

Everybody can make a mistake. In a way it pays it’s debt, clears from it’s conscience the wrong acts done from this or previous life. Almost all the priests have knowledge of the stars and planets, all the events of life are planned according to the energies.

But if you are on a path of self discovery what I feel is, that the best knowledge is what you gain from reading yourself, and listening to lectures. The Komiloa rules the 9th house – the house we look at for father, also it signifies the Mother. And I feel that it is something that can worry people; what if I am wrong, and I’ve got a date wrong? That doesn’t mean komilla you will be satisfied.


So you can’t say that that person is going to the same komiola, or the same issues, as someone with a wonderful 7th house. I pointed out to her that Emerald was the stone for Mercury and Mercury is the most difficult planet for Scorpio ascendants so it would be better for her not komlila wear an emerald as it is enhancing the negative energies. When a natal chart presents problems then it is not possible for the problems to go away entirely but you can make your situation such that the problems do not have such an impact on you.

I am someone who has worn them all – and now I have taken them all off!

And some people have the capacity to do this, and some don’t. That’s right, but then there are other qualities about me which will differ from other Indians. They say you can check for yourself, but it’s not to be told. The lagna Gandanta and the Nakshatra Gandanta.

In Vedic astrology there are traditions, and you get bound by them. So they are now focusing their attention onto the spiritual side of life. The tropical connects the earth with the Sun and is concerned with the cardinal positions of the chart and that maybe indicates how we are going to use the energy given to us by the planets and the stars. But differences from this norm mean that you have a special focus – and you have to change your mind, and move towards that.

Vedic Astrology’s strength is in looking at timing and when are we going to experience what is promised in the birth chart.

That means that you have to change your attitude to things. Therefore, I don’t feel afraid. No longer is Jyotish something of which there is no knowledge.