Juche Ideology. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is guided in its activities by the Juche idea authored by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea. Juche Ideology was developed by Hwang Jang-yeop, the leading theorist of North Korea who. The Juche ideology emphasizes North Korea’s political, economic, and military self-reliance. It became the state ideology and sole guiding.

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Now Juche Ideology ideoloogy utilized by the ruling hierarchy inPyongyang as an ideological weapon to justify its dictatorshipand hereditary power succession plan on the domestic scene, as ameans to justify its closed-door system externally, and as anideological tool jucue achieve a Communist revolution in the South.

As Philosophy If you are looking at this as an exercise in political philosophy, Lee succinctly says pg. After the devastation of the Korean War, North Korea began to rebuild its economy with a base in heavy industry, with the aim of becoming as self-sufficient as possible.

Indonesian president Sukarno visited North Korea inand attempted to implement the North Korean economic program in his country, but it resulted in failure.

After the death of Kim II-sung, the ideology of Kimilsungism was turned into Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism at the 4th conference of the Korean Workers’ Party, and was made the foremost guiding principle of the party.

Roundtable Summary: North Korea and the Juche Ideology

This answer could be improved by defining terms. I’ll think about the best way to incorporate that into the answer. For a description of juche, that is a great place to start.

The Juche ideology ideoloy North Korea is not only a political idea, but also impacts all aspects of the Korean life spiritually, socially, and economically.

Administrative divisions Cities Environment.

Roundtable Summary: North Korea and the Juche Ideology | CDA Institute

ideolkgy Although the influence of Mao Zedong is not formally acknowledged in North Korea, WPK ideologists and speech writers began to openly use Maoist ideas, such as the concept of self-regeneration, in the s and s. At the same time, some integralism is clearly fascist, and the organizational structure of catholicism lends itself to a corporatist model.

According to analyst Shin Gi-wook, the ideas of Juche and Kimilsungism were in essence the “expressions of North Korean particularism over supposedly more universalistic Marxism—Leninism”. The Chollima Movement, however, applied the same method of centralized state planning that began with the Soviet Five-Year Plan in The word migrated to the Korean language at around the turn of the century and retained this meaning.


Over ideollogy last 50 years, it’s estimated that North Koreans have shrunk in height on average by two inches or more due to this. Juche is thus based on the language of family relationships with its East Asian or neo-Confucian “resonances of filial piety and maternal love”.

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What Is The Juche Ideology Of North Korea?

It is currently developing its own nuclear ballistic missile. In service of this objective, Sven Jurschewsky visited North Korea 19 times in They were so poor, they only had an apple to eat and they had no clothes at all.

The Juche ideology has been criticized by many scholars and observers as a mechanism for sustaining the totalitarian rule of the North Korean regime [5] [ full citation needed ] and justifying the country’s ideooogy isolationism and oppression of the North Korean people. It has done so by “appropriating a mass of bodies for calisthenic and performative arts representing the leader as the Father and his faithful followers”.

Entering the s, North Korea put up the so-called “the fuehrer doctrine,” explaining that “the Suryong Leader is an impeccable brain of the living body, the masses can be endowedwith their life in exchange for their loyalty to him, and theParty is the nerve of that living body.

Armstrong also jcuhe that North Korea has actually transferred the ” filial piety of nationalism in the family of the leader himself” by positioning Kim Il-sung as the universal patriarch. This of course caused the opposite of self-reliance to occur; jarring as it may seem from today, North Korea was considered one of the economic “miracles” of the communist world.

One of the premises of classical Marxist international socialism is that the workers of the world have no nation. The traditionalist school would argue that there is a singular transcendental, primordial, universal truth and that most religions and ideologies and even science are just flawed attempts to express and implement the same wisdom, by different cultures in different time periods.

That’s it, nothing special with it. Kihl, Young; Kim, Hong Nack Even there, Juche has made little headway in contrast again to Maoism, which was at one ideoloyy popular among revolutionaries and is considered on the whole to be a strictly North Korean aberration.


He has final authority over the interpretation of the state ideology and incorporated the Songun army-first policy into the Juche philosophy in Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from July CS1 maint: Lim, Jae-cheon May—June During the Cold WarNorth Korea promoted Juche and the principle of “self-reliance” as a guide for ideokogy countries, idellogy third world countries, to build socialism. This was a unique class that was created to increase education and literacy of North Korea’s population.

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The Government of the Republic always adheres to the principle of Ideeology, the principle of national idsology, and thus is carrying out the socialist cause of Juche. Welcome to Politics Stack Exchange! Since the introduction and implementation of this ideology, it has placed the Kim micro-family unit at the head of a nationwide macro-family, with Kim II-sung as jhche father figure and the North Korean people as his children.

Some modern Strasserite groups now disavow antisemitism as being dated and unnecessary. There is no Juche year 0. The guiding principle of Juche Ideology, which emphasizesideological and political reindoctrination of the people beforeothers, must be blamed for making North Korean people lifeless, which finally brought about economicdevastation.

Inwalks taken alone by visitors in Pyongyang were not advisable. Your answer sounds like an extract from political pamphlet s or s.

The consolidation of blood relations between the leader, the Party and the masses is guaranteed by the single ideology and united leadership. Human Remolding in North Korea: Korean Institute for National Reunification. The public practice of all other religions odeology overseen and subject to heavy surveillance by the state. University Press of America.

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