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Signs are malefic or benefic nature, as per speculum 9, explained in the ensuing verses.

The clues can be used to undertake journeys in a relevant direction where success is an issue. Ranam makes a person kind-hearted towards all beings, firm or steady in attitude, courageous, straightforward and devoted to Brahamins and Gods. For an easy grasp, have given the meanings as above along with the original terms relating to various houses.

According to Kalyana Varma, the word “Horan is produced by removing the first and last syllables in the words “Aho-Ratran day and night in, which remain bound are the planets and signs.

In spite of the fact that there exist many astrological works, the present work is the result of the favours of the lotus feet of my preceptor so says Bala Bhadra. The term “Bhava” is used to denote the 11th as it is its specific name. Saumya relating to Soma or the MoonGna knowledgeBudha intelligenceSomaja son of the MoonBodhana enlighteningKumara heir-apparent in the planetary kingdom and Prabha Suta son of Prabha are Mercury’s synonyms.


Navamsa is one ninth part of a sign or of 3 0 of arc.

Hora Ratnam (Set of 2 Volumes)

The answer thus is: If Kalyana Varma constructed the second line of the above vase to read as “Kujarkijivajna sukranam yugmeshootkramagathya”, there would be no scope for any doubt. These can be used in tracing lost articles and solving thefts according to the strongest of the planets.

It is its best point in the zodiac.

Kalyana Varma states 5, 5, 8, 7 and 5 are the Trimsamsas in an odd sign. After well understanding the effects through the science of astrology, the possible evils should be warded off by Japa recitation of passages from scriptures or saying prayerspreparatory rites etc.

Thus the entire key to horoscope lies with the 8th house and such others.

Hora Ratna – Wikipedia

Multipliers and arithmetic required for astronomical calculations are from Bhaskara Siddhanta Siromani: These measures are to be multiplied by 5 etc. In ratanm sign, its first Hora is ruled by its own lord while its second Hora is ruled by the 11th lord therefrom. For after a successful study of this science, a Brahmin will obtain wealth not necessarily lucrereligious merits or virtues front-ranking fame and emancipation.

The third one is Gemini constituted by a lute holding female and mace-holding male. His hair and skin are stiff. The person will reflect the quality of Satva, Rajas or Tamas according to the planet in whose Trimsamsa the Sun is placed at birth, so says Varalha Mihira.

Thus ratnqm normally indicates a person versed in traditional laws. In case of Leo, the Sun obtains power on two different scores – one as per own sign and the other Moola trikona. I am now eagerly waiting on the books that you have sent through mail. Additional uses of planetary directions as propounded by Saravali are now mentioned.


The sign Cancer resembles crab in appearance and represents oceans.

Book Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

That is planets in such houses derive such status. Lord Brahma has written the destiny in the form of alphabets of garland on the foreheads of living beings which can be deciphered only by the learned astrologer. The Saptainsas of an odd hroa are counted from that very sign and in case of an even sign bora the 7th thereof.

On the same line, Mercury does not enjoy strength upto 14th degree of Virgo.

Hora Ratnam Two Vols

The names of the twelve signs in order are: Bala Bhadra adds one’s physique will possess the complexion akin to that of the strongest planet at birth. For there is no difference between chest and heart, thus there is no repetition between Gemini and Cancer. Vargottama in exaltation Vargottama in Moola Trikona Vargottama in own sign Vargottama in friendly sign Vargottama in an inimical sign Vargottama in debilitation sign In this classification, the beneficence gradually descends in value, only to attain maximum mischievous potence with Vargottama in debilitation.