GOSSEN. GOSSEN. Erlangen. Attachment for. LUNASIX 3. Printed in Germany. e microphotographs. (The following instructions assume that you are. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of LUNASIX.

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Make complete notes of the readings and of any special conditions.

The Gossen Profisix in US Luna-Pro sbc is a professional “system” exposure meter that can be fitted with a range of electrically connected accessories offering additional measurement facilities, including flash, enlarger metering, and colour temperature. Push the ridged slide 22 in the direction of the arrow without pressing the range selector The Lunasix F was Gossen’s last professional meter with a mechanical moving needle display and the last without a microprocessor.

With variations in illumination and exposure time, the effective sensitivity also varies, a phenomenon which is called the “reciprocity effect”.

Photographic subjects are usually three-dimensional and they are illuminated from many different directions sun, sky, reflections from buildings, trees, ground, etc.

Gossen Lunasix Electronic instruction manual, user manual, free PDF manual, camera manual

After taking the measurement, turn the computer ring 5 until the obtained reading is set at the triangular yellow index 9 of the transfer scale 6. The Lunasix F was positioned alongside the Lunasix and in turn was replaced by the Multisix. Batteries for the Lunasix The Lunasix and Luna-pro meters are designed to use a pair of mercury cells.

Increasing or decreasing the ASA Degree by 1 is equivalent to one stop. Naturally, neither the colour nor the brightness of the subject itself is considered by this measurement. Thus, incident light measurement is ideal for the previous example with extensive very bright or very dark areas – it will give you perfect results. On the other hand, reversal colour films – because of their limited latitude – not only lose “speed” but their colour balance is also affected.

That is the maximum the needle can reach to the left. After inserting fresh batteries, immediately make the battery test described above. The result of this measurement does not consider the colour or brightness of the scene itself. The “Profi-System” line continued and ended maanual the Mastersix.


Of course, you’ll want to know what parts of a scene are included lunasiix a reflected light measurement. Frequently, the spot where you stand with the camera receives the same illumination as the scene which you intend to photograph, in which case you merely do “about face” with your LUNASIX 3 and measure the light exactly opposite to the direction of the camera.

Hi, Pete Many thanks for your advice and help. For black-and-white or colour negative mnaual, however, the shadow portions which are to have some detail in the finished print must be given consideration.

However, you can adapt your LUNASIX 3 exposure readings to the characteristics gosden your camera, your favorite film, your type of processing, your projector – lunasjx other words to your personal touch.

If the previous impression was “dark”, you can be sure of utmost measuring accuracy. The green and red ring indexes apply only lunasic measurements with the Variable Angle “spot meter” attachment.

Failures properly analyzed will soon lead to consistent successes! Mercury cells have been taken off the market in most parts of the world because of the difficulty manal safely disposing of spent cells.

Lunasix 3 manual

Now, whenever the need arises, you can greatly expand the capabilities of the LUNASIX 3 by using one of the following exclusive accessory attachments: I’m afraid it sounds like it to me.

It is advisable to check the condition of the batteries from time to time, as follows: Flash metering was incorporated, however sensitivity was reduced compared to the Profisix as was the range of accessories Profisix accessories will not fit the Lunasix F. Move the converter slide 10 so that the spherical diffuser is gosen over the round window.

Can anybody tell me where to get the manual for Lunasix?

_MG_ Gossen Lunasix F Luna Pro F Manual Handbook the m… | Flickr

Light Measurement – basic steps Press the range selector 15 backward and release it when the indicator needle 14 lunasiz moving. If the scene contains strong contrasts in brightness or colour, it is preferable to measure that part of the scene which requires the most accurate exposure. In use, the ggossen button is pressed briefly to take a measurement and then the coupled computer dial rotated in the indicated direction until the needle aligns with zero “zeroed” or “nulled”. Thus, under identical illumination, the indicator needle will be deflected less by dark objects than by bright ones.


When you have your finished transparencies, select the ones which, in your judgment, are “perfect” and compare them luasix your notes concerning exposure measurements, etc. Then press the range selector 12 forward or backward. If the scene includes a large very bright area – far from the “average” that the LUNASIX 3 would normally calculate with – it will indicate a shorter exposure time than it would for a large very dark area.

Move manuwl converter slide 10 all the way to the right; this uncovers the round window. You will need steady hands, a few small tools, and another accurate meter as a reference. However, the footcandle table can be of practical value for measuring direct light beams arc light, spots. To adjust the indicator needle to the zero check line, turn the zero adjustment screw 24 on the underside of the LUNASIX 3, while holding down the range selector The LUNASIX 3 should not be considered a full-fledged footcandle meter because, strictly speaking, footcandles lunsaix illumination can be measured manaul be means of a flat interception screen.

Measuring comparisions of your LUNASIX 3 with similar or other types of exposure meters cannot be made properly without special laboratory equipment optical bench. But – each time make a series of 5 exposures; in addition to the one at the indicated exposure time, make one each at a full step and one-half step more and less than indicated by your LUNASIX 3.

The Profisix is a zero or null pointer measurement meter. It never reached to the check line zero line. There are two answers to this question: Reflected light field luminance in footlamberts. The Profisix was Gossen’s flagship professional exposure meter and likewise its replacement Mastersix.

Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix?

But soon the demands become more stringent, especially when results are com pared. While the element does not change its permanent properties under long exposure to light, it tends to retain the impression of light for a while.

Incident light illumination in footcandle. Share This Page Tweet.