If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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Some are only aware of the CPU type or name that their system is a part of like i or Intel Core i7.

If detection problems are encountered be sure to read the GRUB2 article in its entirety before asking the Gentoo community for support. This means that when genkernel is used to build the kernel, the system will generally detect all hardware at boot-time, just like the installation CD does.

For instance, to get the SHA checksum:.

It is very important that everyone understands that choices are what makes Gentoo run. With eselect locale listthe available targets are displayed:. This ensures that the network is functioning properly and that the network packets are reaching the net, DNS name resolution is working correctly, etc.

Handbook Talk:AMD64/Full/Installation – Gentoo Wiki

First, download the right set of keys as made available on the signatures page:. The ‘trigger’ key varies depending on the system and motherboard.

The installation environment is prepared and the user is ready to chroot into handook new environment. In reality, such an IPv4 address consists of 32 bits ones and zeros.


For instance, to load the pcnet32 module:. This is to be expected and nothing to worry about – the tool will create the location.

Set up routing using route. The resulting file can be found by simply listing the files starting with initramfs:.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

Continue with Preparing the disks. Note The –make-rslave operations are needed for systemd support later in the installation. More traditional readers or ‘old timer’ Gentoo users, working exclusively from command-line may prefer using linksa non-graphical, menu-driven browser.

Please refer to the ARM project and bug for more information. Warning Be aware, migrating from a no-multilib to a multilib system requires an extremely well-working knowledge of Gentoo and the lower-level toolchain it may even cause our Toolchain developers to shudder a little. However, using grub2 is a suitable option. To check if the network card is now detected, use ifconfig.

It is truly meant for broadcasting packets. If the network still doesn’t work, continue with Manual network configuration. Now test the network by pinging some Internet server like Google’s 8. A good choice of filesystem will then maximize the performance.

Handbook:Main Page – Gentoo Wiki

If this isn’t done yet for instance through the mklabel operation earlier, or because the disk is a freshly formatted onefirst remove all existing partitions from the disk. Documentation is made for the community, so community feedback is well appreciated.


This means users may have to load the appropriate kernel modules manually. Those people should substitute defaults with noauto. Repeatedly type p to print out a partition listing and then type d and the number of the partition to delete it. After viewing the available profiles for the amd64 architecture, users can select a different profile for the system:. With this package installed, the following commands can be used to verify the cryptographic signature of the.

To create the swap partition, type n to create a new partition, then p to tell fdisk to create a primary partition.

Note If the IP address, broadcast address, netmask and nameservers are known, then skip this subsection and amr64 with Using ifconfig and route. They also could show up in a different order depending on which of the devices are detected by the kernel first during the early boot process. There are many paths to explore It can be used to automatically sync the system clock to UTC time using a time server.

Skip the rest of this section and continue with Preparing the disks.