Exhaust Pipe Venting Information . Manual reset switches are factory installed on burner box. after unit lockout, eliminating nuisance calls for service. Repair Parts List. 69 Refer to Engineering Handbook for additional information. **Consider . G61MPV units are CSA International certified to ANSI. Z Installation and service must be per- formed by a information, consult material safety data sheets available shut off the manual gas valve to the furnace before shutting off . G61MPV units are equipped with a SureLight® ignition sys- tem.

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Ignitor longevity is enhanced by controlling voltage to the ignitor. If intake and exhaust piping must be run up a side wall to position above snow accumulation or other obstructions, piping must be supported every 24″ mm as shown in figures 33 and Either pour 10 fl.

In upflow or downflow applications the street ell must be luterature using transition solvent cement directly into the unit flue collar.


In addition, close coupled wall termination kits must be extended for use in this application. Remove Bolts and Wiring Jackplugs. Since the blower constantly adjusts rpm to maintain a specified cfm, motor rpm is not rated.


Jack J48 is the power plug and jack J49 connects the unit controls to the motor. If resistance between any 2 contacts are not equal or or if any resistance shows open or short circuited, replace motor.

Take a second reading after unit has reached steady state approximately 5 minutes. Internal Operation Each time the controller switches a stator winding figure 10 on and off, it is called a pulse. Correctly insert connector into control. Add to my manuals Add. Choose the appropriate side for venting in upflow or downflow positions. Force or attempted repair may result in a fire or explosion.

If the temperature is too low, decrease blower speed. Secure the vinyl tubing to the drain stubs on the trap using a hose clamp.

Service Manuals | Engineering Documents | Commercial HVAC | Lennox Commercial

Fast flash rate equals 3 Hz three flashes per second. Therefore, the prove switches must be bypassed after the combustion air inducer is activated. The control checks for S10 primary limit, Literture secondary limit s and S47 rollout switch normally closed contacts.

After 5 tries the control diagnostics flash the watchguard burners failed to ignite code. Fumes from PVC glue may ignite during system check.


G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS

Replace broken line if required. Clean or replace the filters when necessary to ensure proper furnace operation. The cooling mode blower speed ramping options are detailed on Page The switches are factory set at option A which has the greatest effect on blower motor performance. Lenoxx gas furnace user information manual g60uh x 6 pages. Motor rpm is continually adjusted internally to maintain constant cfm.

Replace control if caps are swollen or bulging. Compounds used on gas piping threaded joints should be resistant to action of liquefied petroleum gases. informxtion

Be sure to smell next to the floor because some gas is heavier than air and will settle on the floor. Unsafe operation will result if repair is attempted. The breaker can be manually reset by pressing the button on the face.

Lennox G61MPV Service Manual

Unit may have multiple power supplies. Refer to figure 26 for pipe sizes. The blower access panel must be securely in place when the blower and burners are operating.