Philip Kotler – Marketing PL – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. This does not mean that Marketing—A social and selling and advertising are given by the American Marketing Association, and the Philip Kotler Award for. Buy Principles of Marketing 5 by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Prof Veronica Wong, Prof John Saunders (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Published by Hubert Hines Modified over 3 years ago. They usually provide social services, caring for the disabled, solving social issues, environmental protection, sport, culture and community development, etc. They are not focused on return of investment but in a case that they achieve some profits, they reinvest it into the organization.

Organised institutionalised to some degree in terms of their organizational form or system filop operation; 2. Private institutionally separate from government; 3. Non-profit-distributing not returning any profits generated to their owners or directors but ploughing them back into the basic mission of the agency; 4.

Self-governing equipped with their own internal apparatus for governance; and 5. Government managers need to know about marketing techniques in the nonprofit world because they might be useful in their own environment and because they need to know how NP marketers think and act so that they can work with them. Corporate marketers need to understand NP marketers and the special world in which they operate if they are going to partner with them. Fees are the dominant source of revenue. The second largest source of income is public sector.

Nonprofit marketing is very different because of the kinds of behaviors it has to influence. The benefits resulting from the behavior are invisible. Consumers are often asked to undertake behaviors where they are either indifferent about the issue or for which there are no clear personal benefits. It is often difficult to portray the offering in media presentations, because many of the changes to be marketed involve intangible social and psychological benefits.

Four types of jarketinga Economic cost Sacrifices of old ideas, values, or views of the maketinga Sacrifices of old patterns of behavior Sacrifices of time and energy. What they want to see happen. Who are our target audiences?

What value can we offer to them? Do we know how to influence them? Do we have resources and knowledges to have an ipmact? Core Product – uncover the essential needs hiding under every product so that product benefits, not just product features 2.


Tangible Product – 5 characteristics: Features Styling Quality Packaging Branding 3. Augmented Product – additional services and benefits. Costs could be monetary and nonmonetary — time, physical energy, and efforts.

In NPOs managing the perceived costs is often much more important than managing the benefits.

A perceived cost is nay expected negative consequence of a proposed behavior considered by a target audience member. Developing the strategy — the marketer must begin by researching audience perceptions of the costs they think they must pay. Otherwise, marketers may miss crucial but subtle barriers affecting particular audience segments.

Financial resources — a challenge for NPOs is that the flow of financial support they seek from foundations and donors is not always tied to overall mission performance.

Personnel resource — a significant pool of volunteers. Source of support form private sector All three resources interact. Sources of funds — comprise several subcategories: Donations Major individual cash gifts e.

Google foundation grant Non-corporate foundation cash grant Product donations. They can be classify into three groups based on their life cycle stage and giving patterns: The early years — up to The middle years — between 50 and 70 years: The later years — over the age of Legal entities estabilished by the church or religious organizations comply with Act No.

Generally beneficial associations comply with Act No. Totalitarian regime locked those posibilities. During socialism there was practicaly no autonomous sphere.

Osnove marketinga philip kotler biography

All independent companies were blocked or stopped or under the rule of state. Velvet revolution was non-violent revolution that marketingq on December 29,that ment fall of the communist regime and subsequent conversion to a parliamentary republic. This revolution brought crucial change in non-profit sector. But there is one marketjnga reason why the number of non-profit organization is increasing. The real number of non-profit organizations that are working is actually same or slightly decreasing.

Upravljanje Marketingom Kotler Pdf Download

One of the reason of it is merging of non- profit organizations that are focused on the same target audiences and problems. Another reason of decreasing number is lack of financial resources.

That usually occurs in the small organizations that have no conditions to bring finances from European Union that is nowday the best resource, so they stop their function. Events, Public debates, Publishing, Research, Collaborations.

Osnove marketinga philip kotler biography – | Get Free Read

Multicultural education 3 programms Cultural events 6 thematic series Libraries for all 3 projects Studies and research 5 topics Migration 28 projects Information services services — Information center International projects 5 projects.

In the MCP the product are provided services. Services and activities of MCP are focused on problems of multiculturality. The main goal is to promote multiculturality and show the positive side of it to the public and make the life easier for minorities Activities consists of multicultural education to prevent xenophobia and racism, cultural events as a public debates wit experts and documentaries, films, literature and exhibitions presenting different cultures and role and position of women in different cultures.


Libraries for all is a project that helps to public libraries in the Czech Republic to build multicultural collections of books to offer intercultural education. Another activity is making of studies and researches for different topics as discrimination in media or migration. And also international projects are the part of MCP services. In MCP there is a developed system of donation, where they have a higher amounts of sponsors and donators and also use money from the Czech funds and many of funds of European Union.

They have really good financial resources so they can provide many services. Organization tries to use the ways of distribution so that its services are fast and effectively placed to its target market. The MCP tries to make its services available to its customers so that they could use them in their location and in the given moment with an acceptable expenses.

Osnove marketinga

The way from organization to costumer is usually direct. It has an advantage of immediate feedback. MCP goal is to spread positive impressions to make a system how to sell products to customers. MCP use for its communication with customers public relations, advertisement, personal communication, promotion materials, web pages and social networks. Strategic Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations, — 7th ed.

Social Marketing, Sage Publications, Inc. Strategic Communications for Nonprofit Organization: Learning Goals Learn the three steps of target marketing, market segmentation, target marketing, and market positioning Understand the major bases for. Chapter 6 Marketing and Public Relations. Define Marketing List and describe the three approaches to developing a marketing plan List and.

Marketing is the methodology of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose. Objectives Be able to define the three steps of target marketing: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password? Cornelius Brownlee Debra Vance Noelk. OK Market segmentation and targeting. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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