A review of Expedition to Undermountain or “Desperately Seeking Halastar”. Introduction. This book touts itself as a “campaign adventure” and. Expedition to Undermountain () – Expedition to Undermountain is a page super-adventure that revisits the greatest dungeon in the. Expedition to Undermountain is a page super-adventure that revisits the classic D&D location, updates it for D&D v, and features many new surprises.

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The book was published inand was written by Eric L. In your game, it can exist beneath any large city you want, long known in rumor and legend or newly discovered and waiting to be explored.

Expedition to Undermountain Excerpts

What do you guys think? If you can get the second edition boxed sets, that’s the way to go. The missions and possibilities are endless. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In the Forgotten Realms campaign, Undermountain stretches throughout the bowels of Waterdeep, the famed metropolis on the Sword Coast.

The encounters presented in this book are designed to take a party of player characters from 1st level to 9th or 10th level. I’m starting to dig into a pdf of the 2. D Thanks for the ideas! Not difficult at all. Learn more about this superadventure by reading a few excerpts, including the introduction, various adventure sections, plus a couple of encounters.


I don’t mind converting, so I guess it’s time to try to get the second edition boxed set Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Easy enough, give them a reason to be down there “Wizard X wants you to retrieve item Z, and he knows it’s in the NW part of Undermountain. Instead, this campaign adventure treats Undermountain as an unexplored underground region, a new realm that can attract characters for months or even years as in the case of many nonplayer characters, or NPCs of game time.

As fun as feats and skills are, I still prefer the old proficiency method, because it promotes innovative thinking, and more imaginative gameplay. Expedition to Undermountain presents an adventure campaign designed to cover a number of levels of play. Kobolds causing rat infestations is actually plausible, I like that one.

The name conjures images of sprawling dungeoncrawls, fantastic adventures, insidious monsters, and wondrous treasures. Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games.


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The Scouring of the Land. Maybe I’ll try to get expeditiom pdfs to scope it out before spending that much.

It provides the plots, power groups, and lore to enable a Dungeon Master DM to detail any corner of Undermountain, to create a vibrant long-term adventure setting — the ultimate dungeon crawl that feels realistic, exciting, and dangerous. I have decided to get the 2. This article needs expwdition citations for verification.

Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. I’ve also played the 2. Encounters are presented in the book, which are designed to take a party of player characters from 1st level to 10th level. Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. Until the wife changes schedule expediiton all gaming ceases.

Retrieved from ” https: Even at that, there was a lot of content in uhdermountain box but the maps with no encounters irks me to this day. In other words, Undermountain is just too big to fully detail in any single volume.