The Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus eleginoides, also known as Chilean sea bass, is a deepwater ( meters) fish found on seamounts and continental . Large-scale commercial fisheries for Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) were established by the early s with Antarctic toothfish (D. mawsoni). Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) is a large notothenioid fish that supports valuable fisheries throughout the Southern Ocean. D. eleginoides are.

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Factsheet – Patagonian Toothfish – Dissostichus eleginoides

Articles with eleginoives microformats Articles containing Spanish-language text All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from December Crab Krill Lobster Shrimp more Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. Townsend, Dissostichus amissus T.

Fishing authorizations have been granted to six fishing companies based out of Reunion Island. In area 58, D.

Photographs of toothfish products and packaging could also be taken to assist with identification. A close relative, the Antarctic toothfishDissostichus mawsoni is found farther south around the edges of the Antarctic shelf; and a Marine Stewardship Council -certified fishery is active in the Ross Sea.

Patagonian toothfish – Wikipedia

Toothfish are caught by longline, trawl sleginoides pot, typically in depths of m. Currently, the South Georgia total allowable catch TAC is 2, t, and six longline vessels are being operated by four companies in this fishery, which is managed by the UK overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. IUU-caught toothfish is often transhipped at sea and landed in port by cargo vessels.


Depending on the market, the fish may also be filleted elegiboides simply gutted.

Patagonian toothfish

An Australian Customs vessel, the Southern Supporterwas involved in the renowned dissostichks and apprehension of an IUU vessel in the Viarsa incident that stretched over 7, km.

Found between 70 and 1, m depth, D. To minimise the risk of long-term adverse effects on target species, bycatch species, and marine ecosystems, CCAMLR uses a number of compliance systems to monitor fishing activities in the convention area.

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat With increasing size and habitat depth, the diet diversifies and includes more scavenging of squid, fish, and crustaceans. This fishery catches mainly Antarctic toothfish, a close relative of the Patagonian toothfish.

This species is also sold in the trade under the culinary names Chilean seabass in the United States and Canada; merluza negra in ArgentinaPeruand Uruguay ; legine australe in France; mero in Korea, Japan, dissotsichus Spain, and bacalao de profundidad in Chile.

Nototheniidae in the Antarctic waters of the Indian Ocean”.

Patagonian toothfish Scientific classification Kingdom: Print PDF Search species. Home Fact Sheet Index. Some fisheries inside territorial waters within the convention area e. The current Chilean TAC for the industrial fleet is 1,t that is caught by 3 companies.

SANBI IDentifyIt – Species

In the legal toothfish fisheries managed by CCAMLR and countries with territorial waters, the most common method is fishing by longlines where a long “mainline” is set in the water, with many baited hooks coming off that line. Commercial fishing Dissostihus fish production Commercial species Fishing topics Fisheries glossary.


As revealed by eleginoixes ” black spider memos “, [50] Charles, Prince of Waleswas worried about the future for the species. Antarctic toothfish is generally caught at latitudes higher than 55degrees South in the circumpolar waters adjacent to Antarctica. In Maythis was the fourth toothfish fishery to gain MSC certification and recertified in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

One of the two largest species occurring in the Antarctic. A small quantity of toothfish is caught by trawling where a net is towed behind the dissostichus for short periods of time. Toothfish caught in the fisheries are typically cm long and weigh kg. Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt Carp Sturgeon Tilapia Trout.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for a world without hunger. Biology, ecology and fishery”. Vessels included on the IUU lists have engaged in IUU activities in the convention area and undermined the effectiveness of conservation measures, thereby threatening toothfish stocks, marine habitats, and bycatch species.