This paper will examine Elfriede Jelinek’s () celebrated novel, Die Klavierspielerin(), as a narrative that deploys the close link. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: German Look inside this book. Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) by [Jelinek, Elfriede] Elfriede Jelinek (Author) . Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) [JELINEK] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by JELINEK.

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View all 19 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We klavierspieerin hers until she chooses, if ever she does, to breath out again.

The opposite sex always wants the exact opposite. She yearns for a man who knows a lot and can play the violin. Free Tumblr Online Counter. Just one another, the television screen and sour gum bon-bons. There may be two or three exceptions.

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek

Books by Elfriede Jelinek. Erika is not the helpless and inoffensive human being she may appear to be at first. But then she switches course and descends into convoluted structures of metaphor so mixed as to almost lose meaning — which could be seen as another path towards anti-style — but which somehow diie on a weird beauty all their own that rises luminously above the cruelty.

This reads a bit like a shrill reboot of an old underground fable and also like overcooked Angela Carter.

He is a student in the music academy where she now teaches, so she has some modicum of authority – the element of her character to which he is responsive – but she has no agency within the realm of her own emotional range. Lurid sex scenes, violence, klavierspoelerin, despair, social commentary.


Musically Trained Torture: Violence and Pleasure in Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Klavierspielerin

This mother was not incarcerated for this murder, because our children are our possessions, are they jrlinek View all 4 comments. In particolare un corpo assoggettato da un amore materno egocentrico, soffocante.

I can see, after reading this book, why she won the prize. This develops into a very nasty finale.

Sep 05, Brian rated it really liked it Recommended to Brian by: She stands on the floor like a much-used flute that has to deny itself, because otherwise it could not endure the many dilettantish lips that keep wanting to take it in.

Erika’s failure as a pianist is a sign of her perversion: Dec 02, Traveller rated it really liked it Shelves: Our main character, a piano teacher living with her hovering parasite of a mother, experiences personal destruction and the conflation of sex and romantic pleasure with pain.

Do not tell us of the parade; bleed our ears to the beat of cacophony.

Instead she develops a passion to maniacally observe other peoples sexual behavior, going to peep shows and porn movie theaters, or secretly watching a man and a woman making love in a park. The novel is also a socialist critique of bourgeoisie culture and the elevated status that classical music enjoys in the Viennese society that Erika grew up in.

Elfriede Jelinek*Die Klavierspielerin* Illustration by Victoria Trok –

Those who value healthy emotional rapport over commercial value? It is too good for that. There is almost no sign of beauty, goodness or hope in the crooked, distorted world of the piano teacher. She may deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature for that. Decaying organic material prevails in the sordid streets of Vienna where Erika becomes a voyeur spying couples in public parks or attending peep shows, nurturing her distorted sexuality and her sadomasochistic tendencies.


Per alcuni versi provo ribrezzo Men are quite capable, indeed very eager, to create books and movies portraying women as secretly desiring abusive violent behaviour due to their strong innate masochistic tendencies Blue Velvet, Lust Caution, Bitter Moon, Secretary without women helping the men by handing them live ammunition.

This is the land of the lovelorn and lacerated, folks. Of all artists, they are certainly the most wretched. Anyway, the real issue here is that I’m a member of the plebian, plodding masses SHE lives to despise. The novel is a stark condemnation of the negative aspects of the patriarchal, puritanical side jepinek traditional Teutonic klavierspielsrin which denies nature as something ugly and filthy and in which cultural structures of power, control and submission, always angles hierarchical structures to respect age over youth, male over female, and tends to twist natural human relations into contorted shapes in order to conform to societal pressures.

To ask other uelinek questions about The Piano Teacherplease sign up. Urges which cannot find any expression, because Mother guards those hands day and night, literally checking that hands stay above board at night from her co-position in the klacierspielerin maternal bed. Habe 10 Seiten gelesen. Cutting herself brings forth a feeling – pain – so that seems worth doing occasionally. But, honestly, I don’t recognize this very ideological reading.