“ITA/F00/P3/03/” which means that it is the th C-card issued by the Italian Federation and that the card holder is a CMAS Three Star Diver. Equivalent qualifications to crossover between scuba diving agencies: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, NAUI, NASE, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, GUE, IADS, PSAI. C.M.A.S. / PADI Agreement. 1. Reasons a) Do not penalise divers following one of the two paths. b) Allowing divers to move from one scheme to another without.

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Laitesukelluksen syventävä jatkokurssi CMAS P3/NAUI Master Scuba Diver, syksy 2016

cmax We were thinking of starting eith the PADI Ccmas Diver course but have also been offered a FEDAS course by our local dive centre we live in Spain who assure us that it is a more thorough course than the Scuba Diver and that it is internationally recognised.

Hi I’m about to start an open water diving course with Bsac after I have successfully completed my 4 open water dives will I then be able to dive on holidays and is Bsac qualifications accepted worldwide the same as a PADI qualification.

Is there any organisation called A. I have heard of it and see it is not in our table – I’ll add it. I have a YMCA certifacate from For example, the Sub-Aqua Association in the UK places extra emphasis on the theory and prevention of decompression sicknessdiving p small boats and cold-water diving.


Has anyone compiled a table with depth limits between the differing qualifications? Tim Graham18 May I’ve been asked to clear local golf clubs of golf balls from their lakes. Dionisis Dionisis28 June How much it will cost depends upon where you do the c,as.

Thanks Theresa Murphy8 August It is probably more important to choose a sympathetic dive school rather than which particular teaching regime to choose. Recognition of prior learning my be applied. Let us know how you get on. Retrieved 10 March Hi Robert, No, there isn’t an official world-wide crossover list.

Same with insurance – check it covers scuba diving to the relevant depth.

Equivalent Diving Qualifications: BSAC, PADI, CMAS, NAUI, etc – SCUBA Travel

Nicolas8 September The listings for SSI don’t include the instructor levels and the recreation diver levels are little off. I would like to under take p diving now.

Please contact your chosen diving agency for their definitive crossover requirements.

This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat As a rough guide, if you have a qualification from one agency you will be allowed to enroll in the equivalent next course up from another agency – assuming you have the relevant diving experience. Getting ready cams retrain after long absence.


CMAS* SCUBA Diver – Wikipedia

Ccmas Browne7 May Is a tdi advanced nitrox, wreck and boyancy certificate, plus padi enriched air and deep diver ok as the five specialty courses? Thanks Raymond We’ll update the site. Amirreza Amani22 August Please could you tell me which is the best teaching regime would be best for my 14yr old dyslexic daughter.

I am certified with RAID, but this is not on your table.


Get in touch with your local PADI school for their definitive answer. To transfer to PADI you generally have to do the next qualification up.

If they cannot help you then contact PADI customer services – customerservice cmsa. How would I go about finding out? Jack Thompson16 July