Hello, We are running CQ v and Crystal Reports Developer dll’s on window clients. I have copied all the dll’s from the installation. The project data available in CQ can be viewed in the form of Report and you can export the same to other formats. Alternatively, you are also able to export the records from your ClearQuest instance and import the resulting data dump using the CSV Importer.

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Importing and exporting data

Also note that there repor some dll’s that must be renamed. Select or modify predefined schemas that fit the workflows or create schemas for that purpose Create a test database to test changes made to a schema before upgrading user databases.

I had this problem before but it was not limited to just PDFs. A significant effort is typically required to analyze existing processes because they are rarely documented and to achieve consensus on how they ought to work.

The left pane provides the navigation to run and view reports. A base-level configuration with the most commonly used schema elements. This is the accepted answer. To do this, you set up at least one dedicated e-mail account.

About exporting and importing reports

ClearQuest includes predefined schemas that provide ready-to-use change- and defect-tracking processes, as well as standard integrations with various IBM Rational software products. I have run into the same problem and have not yet found an answer. Upgrading user databases When you create or modify clearqudst schema, use the Designer to create or upgrade user databases to work with the latest version of the schema.


Creating a Rational ClearQuest import file If you are exporting data from an existing Rational ClearQuest database, you can use the Export feature to create the import file. Click the Set credentials link in the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest web interface to specify credentials that are stored and passed when launching reports. When installing the runtime libraries on the New Clearquest Web Server, please follow Section two of clwarquest document. As a schema developer, cleaqruest are typically responsible for designing and modifying process models by defining, implementing, testing, and managing schemas.

Use the Maintenance Tool to create and manage schema repositories.

You can then create a set of rules that trigger an e-mail notification when a specific event occurs, such as the transition of a change request to a new state. Developing schemas with the Rational ClearQuest Designer.

ClearQuest provides a collection of sample reports that can be used for testing. Creating and managing schema repositories and connections. Overview of importing and exporting data Using the Import and Export wizards, you can move data such as records, history, and attachments from other change request systems and between Rational ClearQuest databases.

Rational and Business Objects are less than helpful. The descriptions include pointers to information on each function.

You then use the Maintenance Tool to manage these connections. This is what Rational support sent us: To achieve this, you have three main options: Access ClearQuest across multiple platforms using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to submit, modify, and track change requests; support project analysis by creating and updating queries and reports. If you are importing a report from another schema repository, ensure that it has the same queries and report format fields as the database with which you will use the imported report.


Another thing, I seem to be able to export to PDF. Exporting reports If clwarquest are exporting a report for use in another schema repository, ensure that the target databases have the same queries and report format fields as the source database.

Document the process model or models that the schema must enforce. When you create or modify a schema, use the Designer to create or upgrade user databases to work with the latest version of the schema. Obtain agreement about the model from users and management.

For more information, see Manage databases. To exportt this, you have three main options:. Related content No related content found.

Using the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest

For Report Launcher installations that include ezport nested subdirectories, you can also navigate directly to a specific path rather than drilling down to the target subdirectory. From a command prompt, navigate to the archive directory path, and then extract the archive contents using the following command: A schema with features for defect-tracking processes.

Related concepts About exporting and importing report formats. Feed for this topic.

Contains fields and hooks that work with all IBM Rational products. Monday, August 02, These common tasks are described in this erport. To design and implement a change request management process: Create clearqest snapshots using PDF. To do this, you apply the E-mail package to all schemas that you want to be able to accept information through e-mail. Rational ClearQuest Reporting Software version: Developing schemas with the Rational ClearQuest Designer. The default Websphere Application Server profile uses port