1 Hour Quickstart Tutorial. Disclaimer. Citect Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the. Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 An introduction to the basics of Vijeo Citect This tutorial will guide you to build and run a project with Vijeo Citect V Download: Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial – Citect SCADA.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Important Information People responsible for the application, implementation and use of this document must make sure that all necessary design considerations have been taken into account and that all laws, safety and performance requirements, regulations, codes, and applicable standards have been obeyed to their full extent. Schneider Electric provides the resources specified in this document. Said user must ensure the safety of the system as a whole, including ditect resources provided by Schneider Electric through procedures ttorial the user deems appropriate.

Notice This document is not comprehensive for any systems and does not absolve users of their duty to uphold the safety requirements for the equipment used in their systems, or compliance with both national or international safety laws and regulations. This document does not replace any specific product documentation.

The following special messages may appear throughout this documentation or on the equipment to warn of potential hazards or to call attention to information that clarifies or simplifies a procedure.

The addition of this symbol to a Danger or Warning safety label indicates that an electrical hazard exists, which will result in personal injury if the instructions are not followed. This is the safety alert symbol.

It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury. Failure to follow these instructions citectt result in death, serious injury or equipment damage. Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage. Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced, and maintained only by qualified personnel. No responsibility is assumed by Schneider Electric for any consequences uqick out of the use of this material. A qualified person is one who has skills and knowledge related to the construction, operation and installation of electrical equipment, and has received safety training to recognize and avoid the hazards involved.

Due to Vijeo Citect’s central role in managing data within control systems and processes, you must appropriately design, commission, and test your Vijeo Citect project before implementing it in an operational setting.

SCADA software is not designed for direct, high-speed system control. Examples of critical control functions are emergency stop and overtravel stop, power outage and restart. Consideration must be given to the implications of unanticipated transmission delays or failures of the link. This automation equipment and related software is used to control a variety of industrial processes.

The type or model of automation equipment suitable for each application will vary depending on factors such as the control function required, degree of protection required, production methods, unusual conditions and government regulations etc. In some applications more than one processor may be required when backup redundancy is needed.


Only the user can be aware of all the conditions and factors present during setup, operation and maintenance of the solution. Therefore only the user can determine the automation equipment and the related safeties and interlocks which can be properly used.

When selecting automation and control equipment and related software for a particular application, the user should refer to the applicable local and national standards and regulations. It is important that arrangements for such a check be made and that enough time is allowed to perform complete and satisfactory testing.

Verify that the completed system is free from all short circuits and grounds, except those grounds installed according to local regulations according to the National Electrical Code in the USA, for example.

If high-potential voltage testing is necessary, follow recommendations in the equipment documentation to prevent accidental equipment damage. Regardless of the care exercised in the design and manufacture of equipment or in the selection and rating of components; there are hazards that can be encountered if such equipment is improperly operated. It is sometimes possible to misadjust the equipment and thus produce unsatisfactory or unsafe operation.

Only those operational adjustments actually required by the operator should be accessible to the operator. Access to other controls should be restricted to prevent unauthorized changes in operating characteristics. It is not intended to replace any specific product documentation, nor any of your own design documentation. On the contrary, it offers information additional to the product documentation on installation, configuration and implementing the system. The application described in this document is not a specific product in the normal commercial sense.

It describes an example of how Schneider Electric and third-party components may be integrated to fulfill an industrial application.

A detailed functional description or the specifications for a specific user application is not part of this document. Nevertheless, the document outlines some typical applications where the system might be implemented.

The application described in this document is for illustration purpose. In this case, you will have to adapt the information provided in this document to your particular needs. To do so, you will need to consult the specific product documentation of the components that you are substituting in this application. Pay particular attention in conforming to any safety information, different electrical requirements and normative standards that would apply to your adaptation.

It should be noted that there are some major components in the application described in this document that cannot be substituted without completely invalidating the architecture, descriptions, instructions, wiring diagrams and compatibility between the various software and hardware components specified herein.

Vijeo Quickstart-Tutorial-V720

You must be aware of the consequences of component substitution in the architecture described in this document as substitutions may impair the compatibility and interoperability of software and hardware.

Product Components 12 1. Definition of Terms 13 2. Create a New Project 14 2. Open the Vijeo Citect Explorer 14 2. Create a new Project 15 3. Getting Started 16 3.

Vijeo Citect V7.20 Quickstart Tutorial

Configuring Equipment 16 4. Creating Graphics Pages 28 4. Drawing Graphics Objects 31 4. Configuring Navigation Menus 46 4. Preparing for Runtime 48 4. Running a Project 51 5. Advanced Graphics Objects 54 5.

Using Analogue Level Fill 54 5. Using Sliders to Control Analogue Values 55 5. Satrt Text Animation 57 5. Using Numbers and Keyboard Data Entry 59 5. Using Animated Symbols and Pipes 61 5. Using Colors 68 5. Using Symbol Libraries 70 6.


Alarms, Trends and Security 73 6. Configuring Equipment Alarms 73 6. Configuring Equipment Trends 77 6. Using Security 81 6. Runtime Features 86 7.

New QuickStart Tutorial for SCADA v now available

Viewing Alarms 87 7. Viewing Trends 90 8. Managing Projects 94 8. Backing up a Project 94 8. Restoring a Project 95 8.

Introduction Welcome, and thank you for purchasing Vijeo Citect. This tutorial will aid you with your initial use of the product. This tutorial assumes that you have already successfully installed the Vijeo Qucik product on your computer.

You do not require a Vijeo Citect license to complete this tutorial. The tutorial is designed to be completed in a little over an hour.

Vijeo Quickstart-Tutorial-V РTutorial supervisório Vijeo Citect

The tutorial is not intended as a substitute for attending a Vijeo Citect training course and does not explore the more ditect sections of the product. We encourage you to attend a training course to complete your basic training, learn how to use time saving tools, or go on to learn some of the more advanced features of the product.

Purpose This tutorial will demonstrate the basics of the following sections of the product: Disclaimer Schneider Electric makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the extent permitted by law, expressly limits its liability for breach of any warranty that may be implied to the replacement of this manual with another.

No part of sfart document may be reproduced, photocopied, or transmitted in any citdct or by any means electronic or mechanicalfor any purpose, without the express written permission of Schneider Electric. Windows is a trademark of Cigect Corporation. All other brand or product names may be trademarks of their respective holders.

Product Components Vijeo Citect is made up of several configuration tools and a runtime section. Using the icons at the top left of each application, or 2.

Clicking on the icons that appear on the Windows task bar as shown below, or 3. To make sure that you have selected the correct icon you can position the mouse over the icon for about 2 seconds and a tool tip will appear to guide you. Notes As you go through this tutorial you might like to click on the Help button located on many of the dialogs, as this will show you some of the other options available to you that are not covered by this tutorial.

The Vijeo Citect online help is very comprehensive and has detailed descriptions of the product, including examples of how to use Cicode functions and examples of Equipment XML templates.

However, while you can configure many projects at the same time, you can only run one project at a time.

Vijeo Citect Explorer is your utility to create and manage projects. Navigate to the Vijeo Citect Explorer window as shown below.