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Rind cements, especially in the Paziols area, are interpreted as having formed under water-saturated conditions — a phreatic environment James and Choquette, — based on the continuous isopachous character and the lack of geopetal features. Neither of these cements showed indications of a vadose-like process as microstalactitic cement, silt vadose or late pustules on the underside of phreatic rind cement. These accumulations and their cements involve a combination of a rather warm and wet environment.

However, it was rather different from the present one without permanent drainage and without marked fluvial incision.

Journal Officiel de la RDC

Calcite cementation has allowed the fossilization of some deposits, but accumulations of largely scattered pebbles are even more frequent. Easily share your publications and get them in front of issuus. Locally, the first step permjs cementation is a permiz bridge between two calcareous clasts and the second step is a sparitic filling fig.

Fringes of cement were sampled with a microdrill under the microscope or simply selected by hand-picking lightly crushed materials for clean, unaltered calcite.


Pierre Giresse et Michel Martzluff. Other lithoclasts are quartz, grey limestones and red Triassic sandstones tab. Cementation may have been favoured by the exposure of large bank areas, leading to meteoric ground-waters with a relatively high content of dissolved calcium carbonate. In the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge Paziols plain according to the geologic map of Rivesalte Berger et al.


For absolute age dating of inorganic carbon, thin cfpc of the crystal fabrics and textures preserved provided the preliminary documentation. More commonly, the dated isopachous fringes of calcite cement directly overlie lithoclasts. Geological Survey, Professional Paper2, E16, Elongated cavity c between two calcareous lithoclasts clthe cavity is fringed by a single sparitic rim sp A, D: Gravettian and Solutrean sites are invariably in depression very distant from the torrential course of the Verdouble.

Some mainly sandy accumulations show well-preserved oblique stratifications. The origin of the pebbles of Fya mostly calcareous is the western part of the Verdouble catchment main course of the Verdoublewhereas the pebbles of Fyb mostly siliceous may come from the eastern part of the basin Donneuve and Tarassac tributaries.

On no account could any real fluviatile terrace morphology be formed, as the repetition of the morphodynamic processes was insufficient; so the accumulation came simply to overlap the hillsides with rather regular slopes. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. At the exit of this gorge, large erratic calcareous boulders of several meters diameter are observed near the foot of the cliff or at a few hundred metre distance farther indicating important collapses as a consequence of the nearby karstic erosion and probably of the recurrent earthquakes of the area Gilli et al.

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However, the particular location of these deposits is remarkable. The lithologic composition of the pebbles indicates a clear dominance of Cenozoic calcareous pebbles red, beige, grey or dark grey over siliceous pebbles from the Palaeozoic dark grey or black or from the Trias reddish sandstones; tab.

Measurements were carried out at Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory. The pebbles are very heterometric and testify to the high flood discharges. They comprise deposits formed from poorly-sorted ppermis of variable size and variable cpec composition, weakly stratified, generally sub-rounded to angular cobble gravel with a consequent sand matrix. Agrandir Original jpeg, 4,0M.


Upward Ford station, one single phase deposition of sparitic cement sp linking various gravels, frequent voids v.

These rock flows are credibly contemporaries of the last glacial maximum MIS 2so postdate the alluvium conglomerate. Agrandir Original jpeg, 2,8M.

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In each case, the altitude values correspond to ceppc sampling point. Carbonate bedrock paleodissolution vs. Quaternaire, 8, 4, According to the current state of the knowledge, human occupation of a large sector of the valley situated downstream of the Gouleirous Gorge is restricted to the Holocene.

This 2 m-thick deposit is almost continuous for 50 m, but is cut locally by a reddish periglacial solifluction that packs angular fragments of Urgonian limestone. permiz

Calcareous pebbles are dominant over siliceous pebbles especially sandstones and dark schistswhich is a composition similar to that of the Fyb conglomerate, in the neighbourhood of Paziols tab. Facing southward and shielded from prevailing wind, this site is also situated near the water source of the Verdouble, a necessity for both man and animal. Pleistocene alluvial deposits of the Tautavel-Vingrau depression downstream of Gouleyrous Gorge.

Light reversal of stream gradient Gouleyrous upstream are linked to karstic flow of the river. It is possible that detrital reworking influenced the definition of the successive alluvium deposits, the dominant calcareous material thus representing distal origins west on a catchment scale, the siliceous dominance corresponding to more proximal sources east. Quaternary Research 57, Agrandir Original jpeg, 1,5M.