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The lamp only almpadas amber when it ashes. An illuminance of 1 lx occurs when a luminous ux of 1 lm is evenly distributed over autoomotivas area of 1 m.

New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request. The OSRAM car lamp kit saves you the trouble of searching for a suitable workshop or retail outlet to purchase replacement lamps and offers quick help on site. The cabinet holds up to lamps and has a chute system for quick and easy dispensing.

Cool light, strong effect. Without light there would be no life. Clear use of symbols. We think ahead so you have an easier future.

Viewed surfaceIlluObserver Glossary of the most photometric formulae: OSRAM is the world number one in automotive lighting. New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request On request. The TC lifespan value represents the failure rate of With its optimised packaging solutions, OSRAM is making a signicant contribution to rising sales among its retail partners. How to build a relevant sales force?

This design effect is ideal for all indicator lights with clear covers.

Bravoluz – Lâmpadas Especiais

Easy type identication using the reference list. The lights on a car play a crucial role philisp. Chromaticity diagram to DIN Even when they come to the end of their lives, lamps are useful for the valuable raw materials they can automottivas. A lamp with better illumination of the road will make driving easier and raise awareness considerably.


Useful chute system for quick and easy dispensing. As a company with great environmental awareness, OSRAM not only complies with the statutory bans on dangerous substances but also avoids or at least minimises the use of those substances that are harmful to the environment but are still permitted. Perfect best-sellers in a small space.

The philip steel clear glass and pearl white painted steel lampshades designed by provide you with diverse options while giving the room a cheerful and festive appeal.

Thanks to the continual development of its successful products, OSRAM is the world market leader in automotive lighting. Height h in mm Length l in mm Shipping unit Market 2 Order Excellence is about sustainable behavioral change, drivingbusiness impact with our customers Quick Scan LEAN Channel CRMM2O AcademyM20 Excellence Determine maturity levels Help to develop Knowledge, Identify opportunitiesSkills and Attitude across thecommercial organization Identify market-drivenrequirements Driving Performancemanagement by continuous Quickly adaptimprovementto market Improve continuously Accelerate building commercial Secure sustainability of businesscapabilities improvements Create competitive advantages Incorporate commercial best practicesin Philips culture6 7.

Our innovative technology goes hand in hand with quality without compromise, the highest standards of workmanship and long product life. Greater safety thanks to better illumination of the road.

One of our principles is to develop as much of our own production facilities as possible by ourselves. Drivers therefore stay focused and can react more quickly to any obstacles, signs or dangers.


For years OSRAM has been providing its customers with rst-class quality and excellent levels of service.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

Through its policy of constant research, OSRAM has for many years been leading the eld in the automotive lighting sector and will continue to do so. Drivers who always have the right spare lamps with them will save themselves the trouble of taking their vehiclesinto a garage for replacements or searching for the nearest retailer. It can be stocked as required supplied empty. Illegal use on public roads leads to cancellation of the operating licence and to loss of insurance cover1.

This is an effective way of reducing the risk of accidents. The directive promises greater safety and transparency for the consumer. Environmentally friendly lighting systems and systematic innovation management. Errors and omission excepted.

Encontre a lâmpada que você procura!

For more information on light and the environment go laampadas www. This presentation was given by Wim van Gils of Philips. Autojotivas replacement by the roadside. One version of the Innovations oor display also offers the standard automotive lamps for drivers who are price-conscious but still want excellent quality.

Shipping unitXENARC electronic gas discharge headlight lamps the revolutionary technology 2 5 10 3 5 11 2 5 7 3 5 8 2 5 9 3 5 9 2 5 9 3 5 9 D1S D1R D2S D2R D3S D3R D4S D4R4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35PK32d-2 PK32d-3 P32d-2 P32d-3 PK32d-5 PK32d-6 P32d-5 P32d 2 3 4 5 6 7 Innovation with intelligent technology: