The ‘Davidito’ book online. Posted by Observer on November 03, at In Reply to: Questions for James posted by Observer on November 03, . before i read the full title i thought the book was written by a cult that The actual Davidito went on to murder one of the cult members before. I gave him the Autobiography of PeeWee Gaskins, which is a rare and expensive book. I mentioned that I ran this sub and crimescene and that.

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It has a new name: Mommy said we need to get him accustomed to having his little sessions with the door open, so he can learn more about what sharing is all about. But then he began to demand that, “Well, if you don’t pay me “x” amount of money, then I’m going to cause harm to ‘The Family. Nobody said anything, but I can imagine what they were thinking!

He mailed this to a friend, [2] where it was received a few days after the murder-suicide, and then released to the public. They went out, oftentimes, without resources, both financial resources and educational or social skills.


Oh, all this hair! It consisted of a compilation of a publication series known as the Davidito Letterswhich were circulated from about until The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. How do I even interact with davidkto in the real world?

A message from beyond the grave – Dateline NBC | NBC News

His memories of davidiito Family” consumed him. He dealt with a lot, a lot of depression. Retrieved June 13, And then she said something remarkable about Ricky Rodriguez.

But he didn’t stay there. Ricky had the lord and he’s in the lord’s hands now. If they were thirsty, you give them drink.

It happened to all of you. Even at a year old, I think that was one of his favourite reasons for going naked! He says Berg encouraged his followers to have sex freely with each other.

Ricky Rodriguez – Wikipedia

Instead, as he made clear on his videotape, he thought his parents and others simply exploited their children: And if they have sexual needs, you help fulfill those needs. So, we know that he’s in good hands despite the terrible circumstances around it.


Ricky Rodriguez says teen training is where he first thought seriously of suicide. She’d been a secretary to Ricky’s mom, and knew him as a boy. Instead, he drove to Blythe, California.

Bpok so did Julia. When Rodriguez grew to adulthood, he married Elixcia Munumel, whom he had met during a visit to a Family home near Budapest inand together they separated from TFI in And he was going to force Angela Smith to tell him where she was whatever it took.

Story of Davidito

When Ricky Rodriquez left the organization, there was the intent for him to do well. And, you know, you’ll have to do what you have to do.

He was a very sad person. And for him to be helped to the best their ability. Davidito loves to watch Dave and Sally go at it, though.

Only the law of love controlled their lives.