The easy introduction to a balanced diet. The practical box contains juices, herbal tea and healthy recipes. Art-Nr approx. 4 – 6 days 5 item(s) ready for. Your guide to the Biotta Wellness Week. Views. 6 years ago. Biotta, · Wellness Employees take steps for better health during Wellness Week. Biotta Juice Featured: Tart Cherry Juice INGREDIENTS 1 cup plain Greek In a food processor, grind the cherries and Biotta Cherry Juice until fairly smooth.

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Remarks and recommendations Contrary to what I heard: Certified organic, Vegetarian, Suitable for children Allergens: I am currently in a phase that reflects my equilibrium: Have you ever done it yourself?

What’s your question to the Community? After hours spent hours tweaking, tasting and optimising, our efforts have finally paid off. Day 2 Brunch yes, my breakfast and lunch were so close together that I can call it a brunch. I am starting to get tired of the herbal tea taste.

Juice week

The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. For the past three or four years, I have been doing what is commonly called a detox week a year, usually in spring.

To avoid using too much of their reserves, I recommend taking spirulina for the duration of the programm. More about Biotta Classic. Returns and warranty Please use our simplified returns and warranty process to return a product or register a warranty case. You are commenting using your WordPress. When I only have a soup for dinner, I usually eat a half-liter bowl… I have a good appetite, I eat big portions most of biottq time.


Ask the Galaxus Community.

My Wellness Week — my me time Been planning to change your diet for some time? It is essential to plan this programme on a quiet week, with few activities and social interactions. On the measurements side: I took my weight and measurements on the last day of the plan and two days after starting to eat normally, to see if any weight loss would not be simply due to the fact that my digestive tract was completely empty right after have completed the Biotta Wellness Week.

You’re offline You’re not connected to the Internet. It took me a while to go back to sleep because of hunger. Sara from London 23 December Verified Buyer. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

Wellness Week, 1 box – Biotta – VitalAbo Online Shop Europe

The fact of doing no shopping, cooking, washing dishes and spending 2 hours a day eating allows woxhe to go through a huge amount of work. The program recommended eating Swedish bread with skimmed quark, but I substituted it with buckwheat pancakes, tahini and zatar, because I do not eat dairy and did not think about buying Swedish bread. Biotta Balance Week – the easy route to a healthy diet Stress, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet will all throw your acid-base homeostasis off balance.

This is not about a rigorous fast, but about forgoing things temporarily, about moving away from hectic, unhealthy eating habits. Perform a fast of one week makes it possible to reach the ketonic phase. I have been over-indulging in treats.


Return policy Warranty at Galaxus. Add to Wish List Choose wish list: The Biotta Wellness Week doesn’t necessarily mean a diet, but can also provide a short-term break from unhealthy food. Over the years, the range of Biotta juices on offer grew continuously, and we ventured into fruit juices, followed by mixed juices, even using very special ingredients such as aronia or black carrots.

Share Share product on: Bringing the digestive system to rest helps draining toxins out: I warmed up the tomato juice after infusing it with shallots, which I then removed, and added a lot of paprika.

In order to save body protein, the body uses energy stored in the form of fat to function.

Flaxseed [1] from certified organic cultivation. Gluten-free, Egg-free, Fish-free, Soy free Pharmaceutical form: These are usually passive because of our western lifestyle, characterized by inactivity and a very rich diet. Despite the fact that I am a nutrition consultant and my diet is globally balanced, I am no exception: I ate the double just before I am a gourmet.