: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the “World’s Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN. Continuing from Batman: Knightquest: The Crusade Vol. Part of a massive 25th anniversary recut of the entire Batman: Knightfall saga, this graphic novel. Knightquest: The Crusade Chapter 1. Story by Chuck Dixon. Art by Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna. There’s a new Batman in Gotham City and the criminal.

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It consists of a trilogy of storylines that ran from toconsisting of “Knightfall”, ” Knightquest “, and ” KnightsEnd “. Bruce Wayne Batman suffers burnout and is systematically assaulted and crippled by a “super baman “-enhanced genius named Bane. Wayne is replaced as Batman by an apprentice named Jean-Paul Valley a.

Azraelwho becomes increasingly violent and unstable, tarnishing Batman’s reputation. Eventually, Wayne is healed through paranormal means and reclaims his role as Batman. Additionally, Wayne realizes the peril and burden of attempting to work in solitude, leading to the eventual creation of the modern incarnation of the Batman family. The events of Knightfall also led to the resignation of Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred Batamn.

Batman: Knightquest | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The entire “Knightfall” storyline took over a year to complete in the comic book serials. In later years, the comics were reprinted several times, though never in full, as the Knightquest: The Search arc had not been collected until the second omnibus edition in The initial idea for the character of Azrael stemmed from a two-part story idea pitched by Detective Comics writer Peter Milligan circaas he was leaving that position.

At the same time, the Superman team was planning for a similar character-altering storyline, and neither they nor the Batman group initially had any knowledge of each other’s plans. The serial stories of the monthly Batman comics titles began slowly building toward the “Knightfall” arc several months prior, in conjunction with the publication of the four-issue Sword of Azrael miniseries and the Vengeance of Bane one-shot, which also laid foundation for the larger story. The two series each hit numerical milestones at the end of the arc, with a triple-size th issue of Batman and the ominous Detective Comics number wrapping up the storyline only one month apart.

The massive story was quickly collected into two volumes of trade paperbacks. The Search” and the other on the new Batman “Knightquest: The stories were not treated as crossovers and the Batman titles continued as they had before “Knightfall” where the creative teams each pursued its own storyline. Instead of a crossover, “Knightquest” was more of an umbrella title that also encompassed some issues of Batman: Shadow of the Bat to avoid giving away their plans, the publishers treated it as though it were the new status quo, so issues were not numbered as chapters.

Additionally, The Crusade served as a launching point for the first ongoing monthly series featuring Robin in solo adventures. Neither thread of “Knightquest” was collected in book format until over two decades later.

Although previous parts of the “KnightSaga” had taken considerable time to run their course, the entirety of “KnightsEnd” was published within a two-month span, as the Batman books had to prepare themselves for DC’s impending company-wide crossover Zero Hourwhich would immediately follow the “KnightSaga”.

Nothing was truncated, as the Batman editorial line made use of all of the Batman-related titles at their disposal, such as CatwomanRobin and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight normally an anthology title with stories set in the past. The serial nature of the Batman titles continued beyond the end of KnightsEnd, with the “Prodigal” and “Troika” storylines, and into subsequent unbannered stories.

This setup resurfaced in later arcs such as ” Contagion “, ” Legacy “, ” Cataclysm “, ” No Man’s Land “, and ” War Games “, and has on occasion continued into the present. The intent of Knightfall’ s writers was to counter the then-popular style of violent heroes in comics and demonstrate that the traditional Batman made for a better hero.

The prelude to “Knightfall” began with the introduction of two new characters key to its storyline in issues prior to the release of “Knightfall”:. The two characters were quickly added to the cast in the monthly Batman titles, with Azrael being a superhero-in-training who fights alongside Batman, while Bane was introduced as a supervillain.

Within the regular series, the buildup to “Knightfall” begins with a six-issue run in Batman September – Februaryin which Batman at the onset of a personal psychological mid-life crisis is forced to deal, in rapid succession, with the returning villain Black Mask and his gang who target Bruce Wayne and Lucius Foxa crazed killer called Metalhead, and a sharpshooter assassin hired by an imprisoned mobster to murder Commissioner Gordon.


Batman begins to feel that he has lost his edge, especially after his failure to capture Black Mask. He finds himself unable to meditate or even focus. As Bruce Wayne, he contacts holistic therapist Shondra Kinsolving for treatment.

He also assigns Robin Tim Drake to train Jean-Paul Valley in detective work to aid them as an ally, hoping to guide Valley’s brainwashing away from making him a villainous threat. Despite the advice of everyone in his life, including Dr. Kinsolving, Bruce refuses to rest and continues to pursue his self-imposed duty despite his worsening condition although not explicitly noted as a causethese events take place immediately after the death of SupermanBatman’s peer, elsewhere in the DC Universe.

The next storyline, in Detective Comics December – Februaryinvolves a young military student usurping power in Gotham’s underworld and assaulting a police station, with Bruce’s fatigue continuing to worsen.

At the conclusion of this story, Bane and his henchman are shown monitoring Batman’s performance. Bane begins a series of encounters letting Batman know of his presence and his intentions. In Batman February-MarchBane interferes with encounters pitting villains Killer Croc and the Riddler against Batman, and, to test Batman’s limits, goes so far as to inject the Riddler with the Venom drug.

This escalation culminates in an assault on Arkham Asylum in Batman Aprilwhere Bane breaks the inmates free and supplies them with numerous weapons to escape. Meanwhile, Robin finds it difficult to work with Jean-Paul, due to the man’s violent subconscious training and lack of social skills, and also finds himself being shut out from working alongside Batman.

The plot of “Knightfall” begins [note 2] with the master criminal Bane freeing all of the maximum-security inmates of Arkham Asyluma notorious psychiatric facility in Gotham City. Aware that he would lose in a direct assault against Batman, Bane’s plan consists of weakening Batman by forcing kngihtquest to deal with the deadly villains simultaneously. Among the freed inmates, there are numerous high-profile villains, such as the Joker knighfquest trapped Arkham’s administrator Jeremiah Arkhamthe Scarecrowthe Riddlerand Poison Ivyas well as many lesser-known villains, such as the Mad Hatterthe Ventriloquistthe Fireflythe Cavalierthe Film FreakMr.

ZsaszCornelius StirkAbattoirand Amygdala. The scenario creates a rift in the relationship between Robin and Batman, as Batman irrationally seeks to face the outbreak alone—in later issues, Robin asks Batman if he is even needed as his sidekick anymore. A later flashback to this time period Showcase ’93 shows Batman pursuing Two-Face alone, being trapped and kidnapped to stand a mock trial ; he is saved only by a rescue attempt from Robin.

Over the next few issues, Batman becomes weaker and weaker as each criminal is put away. The rescue of Mayor Krol from the teaming of the Joker and Scarecrow pushes Batman to his mental and physical limits: After this inightquest, Bane’s men assault Batman before he himself makes his move and attacks him at Wayne Manorhis home as his alter-ego—by this time; Bane had deduced the secret identity of Batman. The fight between Bruce Wayne and Bane is detailed knightqusst Batman By this time, Batman is so exhausted from the exertion of catching the escaped criminals that he cannot even defend himself; Bane beats him mercilessly knighhtquest breaking Wayne’s back over his knee inside the Batcave below the manor, symbolically “breaking” Batman.


Bagman action by Robin and Alfred spares Batman’s life, but at great cost – he is left a paraplegic. With Batman incapacitated, Bane assumes control of Gotham City’s underworld and takes over kmightquest illegal operations within it. After his defeat, Bruce Wayne enlists the aid of Dr.

Batmman Kinsolving to rehabilitate him and asks Jean-Paul Valley to take up the mantle of Batman so that Gotham has a protector. Tim Drake argues with Bruce to allow Dick Grayson the former Robin and then-current Nightwing to become Batman, as he is more experienced and mentally competent. Bruce replies that Grayson has his own responsibilities and would only take up the mantle of the Bat reluctantly Dick later expressed resentment at not being asked to stand in as Batman.

Bruce’s rationale for this decision is revealed in later issues – secretly, he does not want Dick to have to face Bane, as he knows Dick’s character will compel him to try. Indeed, Bruce gives Jean-Paul strict orders never to engage Bane in combat—and when Jean-Paul does face Bane, only his modified gloves save Jean-Paul from being thrown to his death.

Soon after, Kinsolving and Tim’s father Jack Drake are kidnapped and Bruce and Alfred leave the country to find them – their story is continued in “Knightquest: The Search”, while the happenings in Gotham are recorded in “Knightquest: Jean-Paul is shown to be a different, but not dangerous, Batman until an encounter with the Scarecrow, which results in Jean-Paul being infected by Scarecrow’s fear gas and “The System”—his programming as Azrael—taking over, in order to combat Jean-Paul’s fear.


Batman Knightquest The Crusade Vol. 1

Following this, Jean-Paul is unable to shake the influence of the System, giving in to it completely after his first defeat at Bane’s hands and being increasingly influenced by it during the rest of his tenure as Batman. Gradually, Jean-Paul alienates Robin with his paranoia and arrogance. In BatmanJean-Paul, in his new mechanical Batsuit which is an amalgam of the Azrael costume with the Batman’s confronts Bane in an arduous battle and prevails, although many bystanders are put at risk.

Jean-Paul leaves Bane broken mentally and physically, though he struggles with the choice of whether to simply kill Bane or hand him over to the police. He decides that he will let Bane go to Blackgate Prison. Jean-Paul continues to watch over Gotham after the fight, but grows increasingly unstable. Instead of a crossover with a definite ending, the publishers treated the scenario as though it were the new status quo, leaving it open-ended.

He becomes increasingly violent and mentally unbalanced. During this time, he drives Robin away because he believes Gotham to be so tough that only violence could answer its criminals. In several issues, Robin is left horrified as Jean-Paul ferociously attacks common criminals, often with a weapon and sometimes nearly to death. This surge of violence from Gotham’s defender puts pressure on Batman’s relationship with Police Commissioner Gordon, who begins to distrust and even fear the new Batman and eventually comes to realize he is not the same man he has known.

All of Jean-Paul’s actions are compelled by “the System”; on numerous occasions, he experiences the ghosts of his father and the patriarch Saint Dumas giving him guidance and he is driven to near-insanity by the time the saga ends. He repeatedly redesigns his Batman costume, adding more gadgets and lethal weapons, including metal claws, a laser, razor-sharp batarangs and a flamethrower.

Eventually, he also adds a Bat-symbol, matching the one used for the series’ logo. Valley becomes compelled by a desire to be a better Batman than Bruce Wayne, especially when he discovers his lack of interest in detective work caused him to make false assumptions about Catwoman he thought she would sell a powerful nerve gas to terroristswhen she merely wanted to dispose of it so it could not be used to hurt anyone.

His questionable behavior climaxes when he encounters the serial killer Abattoirwho is keeping an innocent prisoner in a secret torture chamber: Jean-Paul purposely lets Abattoir die, thereby condemning the prisoner to death as well. Other villains Jean-Paul faces include Mr. The Search” follows Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth’s search for Jack Drake and Shondra Kinsolvingthe father of the current Robin and the physical therapist with whom Bruce Wayne had fallen in love during his rehabilitation sessions, respectively.

Their investigation leads them to the Caribbean and then Great Britain. Kinsolving’s brother-by-adoption Benedict Asp kidnapped her to use her special powers to kill people at a distance. Asp demonstrates this new form of mass murder on a small English village.

When Bruce Wayne finds Kinsolving, he finds himself caught in the middle of a telekinetic tug-of-war between Asp and Kinsolving. The battle climaxes with her refocusing her energy to defeat Asp; as a side effect of the energy, Bruce’s broken spine becomes healed.

However, the drugs forced onto her by Asp, combined with the effects of the fight with Asp, reduce her mind to that of a child as Shondra’s traumatised mind regresses to the past to escape her unhappy present, and Wayne reluctantly puts her into a mental institution.

Bruce eventually leaves England to return home to a civilian life in Gotham, but Alfred remains in England, not wanting to see Bruce Wayne damage his body further.

He does not return to Gotham until a while later, when Dick Grayson persuades him to do so in later issues. Jean-Paul Valley sees visions of his dead father, who had programmed him at birth to be a deadly weapon. These visions tell Jean-Paul to avenge his father’s death, and Jean-Paul searches Gotham for his father’s killer.

Though the killer, Carlton LeHah, had already been encountered and defeated in Knigytquest Sword of AzraelJean-Paul’s conditioning had warped his mind to the extent that he no longer remembered the incident. He eventually comes to believe that Penn Selkirk, a Gotham mobster turned weapons dealer who has taken over the remnants of LeHah’s organization, is his father’s murderer.

Valley now spends his time doggedly pursuing him. Returning to Gotham, Bruce meets with Tim. Even though Jean-Paul disobeyed Bruce’s order to refrain from attacking Bane, Bruce is sufficiently impressed with Jean-Paul’s results.