ASHP Therapeutic Guidelines on Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis. ASHP Commission on Therapeutics and approved by the ASHP Board of Directors on November 14, . I. PURPOSE. To ensure safe evidence based utilization of stress ulcer prophylaxis to prevent upper . ASHP therapeutic guidelines on stress ulcer prophylaxis. ASHP therapeutic guidelines on stress ulcer prophylaxis. T. A. Armstrong, D. B. Coursin, J. Devlin, J. S. Duke, D. Fish, E. R. Gonzalez, E. B. Hak.

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SHP EPORTR A ASHP Therapeutic Guidelines on Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis

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Ashp therapeutic guidelines on stress ulcer prophylaxis. am j health-syst == – Kominkowy Świat

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Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis: The Consequences of Overuse and Misuse

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