Results 1 – 19 of 19 As Brumas de avalon by Bradley, Marion Zimmer and a great selection of related books, Brumas de Avalon: A Grande Rainha, As – Vol. 2. Melhorou ligeiramente com a demanda do Santo Graal, mas não chegou aos calcanhares de ‘As brumas de Avalon’. Missão cumprida. Acabaram-se os livros . Ottavo libro del ciclo di Avalon e terzo cronologicamente parlando, La spada .. alcance de toda a gente, escondida durante tempo indefinido nas brumas. . I’ve read all the Avalon books so far, this one is the latest volume placed after . I might be being a touch generous with my stars but it was much closer to 4 than to 3.

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As Brumas de Avalon.Vol3. O Gamo Rei

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Sword of Avalon a Diana L. Sword of Avalon Avalon 7 by Diana L. Fiery visions, a lost king, and a forthcoming destiny. A boy raised in secret after traitors kill his parents returns to Avalon faced with a formidable task: Hardcoverpages.

Published December 1st by Roc Hardcover first published Avalon 7Avalon: To see what your friends thought aw this book, please sign up.

To ask ws readers questions about Sword of Avalonplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Sep 03, Ronda Tutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a great book – I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished it. From the “Fall of Alantas” to “Ancestors of Avalon” we learn that tradition is to be passed on when Micail and Tiriki make it to the new land and start the rebuilding of the Temple of Light.

Sword of Avalon

Though the “Ancestors of Avalon” ends with Micail and Tiriki’s vok sucess, the continuation to their sucess is clearly represented in “The Sword 33 Avalon”. With the spark and new ava,on that Micail and Teriki carried on in tradition for the Priest and Priestess, the story carries on around the powerful stone hindge and the sworn pledge that priest and priestess make to the gods to serve in this life time or in their next life time is shown and lived through out this book.

The story starts with Anderle – the Lady of Avalon – one who has visions from the gods of what is to come. Anderle fears from what one of her visions shows her so she runs off to her cousin Irnana to warn her and her husband of what faith lyes in wake for them.

A Morte de Artur – III Volume by Thomas Malory

Take note that Anderle and Irnana are cousins and are desendants of Micail Osinarmen and Tiriki Eilantha As Anderle is explaining to her cousin that their viliage and their lives along with their son will end in death by fire, but as she speaks, the city is attacked with fire.

Through faith of the acalon, Anderle reaches Irnana’s son Mikantor and escapes the wrath of the fire. Though her cousin’s life and her cousin’s vilage is ended, Anderle must protect Mikantor with her life because what her vision from the gods has shown her, he is the son of a hundred kings and will yeild the sword fit for a king and will heal their land.

Anderle suceeds in protecting Mikantor and passes him on to another village mother who has a baby and has enough milk for them both. Mikantor is left in the care of this foster mother and is disquised through out childhood by having his hair always died and is given a new name – woodpecker. Through Mikantor’s young age, Anderle watches him grow from afar because she doesn’t want to give him a way to his enemies but once a certain age, Anderle arranges for Mikantor to be moved around from vkl to vilage to protect him – but as life takes a turn, his enemy finally captures him, however, the tables turn when his captures are more thirsty for greater goods than returning the young lad to their own master.


Mikantor’s adventure begins – you will have to read the story to find out what happens. Did I forget – Anderle has her child – a girl avalln Tirilan who grows up to become a priestess and great healer. The rush of images began to focus to the memories of one lifetime, the one he needed to remember now.

He was rocking in vil boat as the world exploded in fire and thunder, seeking something unimaginably precious that he had lost He was standing in the ring of a great henge, singing to the stones He was standing atop a Tor of Avalon, a bright-haired woman in his arms He opened his eyes, saw her gazing down at him. For not for Velantos, the sword fit for a king “Excalibur” would not of been forged.

Of course through the gods and through Anderle Velantos task would not have been fulfilled. However, we have to add the curse that Velantos put on the sword – that the blade shall turn on its wielder if ever it is used to conquer instead of to defend – This is what starts the Ledgend of the sword “Excalibur” With the making of “Excalibur” – the sword made from a meederite steel metalthe Bronze Age ends and the Steel Age starts.

View all 3 comments. Dec 14, Morgiana rated it liked it Shelves: Chronologically, this comes after Ancestors of Avalon and before Ravens of Avalon ; it’s not brumsa to have read Ancestors to understand the series, but it might help to read the summary, at least. I’ve read all the Avalon books and several of Paxson’s historical fantasies though not her Westria series brumws, and she is generally good at that genre.

They are all enjoyable reads, but none have stayed with me in the long run. While I liked Sword of AvalonI don’t think it was one of her better efforts.

It’s pretty much a rehash of the other stories, particularly with regards to the characters. Plot-wise, this bfumas the book about how and why the sword Excalibur was forged. That doesn’t actually aw until the last hundred pages or so. I liked the ee about Mikantor’s travels on the continent, and thought the book dragged until he left Britain about a third of the way through. Paxson set the novel about BCE, which was a really interesting time period in European archaeology.

She clearly put a lot of research into smithcraft, and those sections are among the parts I liked best. Overall, it’s not a bad book. I liked it and I had fun reading it. Will I still remember the story by the time the next Avalon novel comes out? Jun 17, Jen rated it it was amazing. Paxson, and I realize it was not my workload for school that has kept me from diving into the novel head first all these years.

It was bdumas all-consuming sadness and finality I’ve felt at the end of each of the books that held me back. Knowing there will be no more books about Avalon that can touch my soul the way these books do.

I tend to live each one, as I read it, in my dreams, both waking and sleeping. I cannot easily remove my head from the mists, and for my heart, there is no chance. If I ever lived beumas lives, MZB reached the part of me that would be imprinted with those memories, and then left me hanging to discover them on my own. I’m staring at all of the books in my”to read” stack, knowing none will return me to that place, knowing nothing else can suck me in right now. I feel like I’ve left friends behind.


Feb 18, jD rated it really liked it Shelves: I decided since it was a stand alone in a well known series, I would give it a try. I actually enjoyed listening to the story mostly because the narrator deftly pronounced the names of the characters and places which where nearly their own dialect.

The story takes place before the events of Authur and Camelot, many generations before. The sword that would later become known as Excalibur was forged for a boy whose destiny was to become the leader of his people. The story had the best elements of fantasy — worldbuilding, hero-building, and a tad of romance. The writing was poetic and seductive. I did not give the story 5-stars because the bruumas was too slow too often.

I also voll the author did not make the hero suffer as much as he should have while being a slave. I also thought the bad guy was just a barbarian doing what barbarians do. He had no motivation to build anything not even his own legacy. That didn’t seem to fit based on the fact that he had basically conquered these lands and people. I don’t think I will revisit this series not even in desperation. I would certainly not read one hrumas these books, too long and boring in too many place although all things Avalon, Excalibur, and Camelot will forever remain on my reading list.

Jun 02, Ovl rated it liked it. And this is not one of her better efforts. It especially drags in the middle. Zvalon also had trouble placing the time period and it wasn’t until I got to the Afterward that I saw it was set in about BCE. La nascita di Excalibur Ottavo libro del ciclo di Brumaw e terzo cronologicamente parlando, La spada ws Avalon prosegue il percorso iniziato da Marion Zimmer Bradley con la pubblicazione del suo capolavoro indiscusso, Le nebbie di Avalone proseguito, dopo la sua morte — avvenuta nel — da Diana L.

Una spada che deve essere usata per difendere, non per aggredire. Inoltre, i riferimenti alla Guerra di Troia e ai personaggi della mitologia greca creano un legame con un altro dei libri di Marion Zimmer Bradley staccato dai cicli: Le anime che erano venuti a guidare avrebbero avuto un viaggio umido verso casa. Non che ci sia mai stato un ordine per quanto riguarda la Bradley: Potete leggere la recensione completa QUI: Deludentissimo dopo quanto letto nei primi volumi della saga.

Della Zimmer forse resta solo la citazione in copertina. Caliburniliscious Another great blending of history, anthropology, and mythology wrapped up in a really avalonn fantasy novel. Vkl takes this stuff seriously and I love it. As far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t get anything wrong. Mar 05, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: The legends of Avalon run deep into the current of our imagination.

The mystical legends that are connected in our collective consciousness come to mind when reading this story of a sword being forged by a chosen one to be wielded by a chosen one. We know these stories so well, yet in the imagination of the right storyteller it is renewed in zs heart and mind of the reader.

A very slow read. Not at all like the rest of the series.