AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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Weld metal deposit repairs to pipelines made in accordance with Clause It shall be unacceptable when any of the following 2885.22 exist: Standards Australia wishes to acknowledge the participation of the expert individuals that contributed to the development of this Standard through their representation on the Committee ae through public comment period. The previously accepted convention that root slag intrusions be sentenced as undercut has been reintroduced after being inadvertently lost.

A depth of cover greater than 5 m. Such changes shall be documented in a revised welding procedure specification.

AS Gas pipe Welding_百度文库

Defects shall be correlated with the radiograph, located with respect to the weld aa recorded on a test report.

It is recommended that gas tungsten arc welding or gas welding be used for butt welds on pipe of outside diameter Source to film distance. A tunnel, pipe bridge or overhead structure. The specified ranges of the essential variables may be extended at any time by the welding and testing of additional test welds.

Defects shall be identified, and ws in accordance with AS Except for branch connections or in-service weld location, pre-existing laminar imperfections in the parent metal shall not be cause for rejection of test welds.

HB that exceeds this limit shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: All transducers shall be positioned at the appropriate stand-off position and adjusted to provide an optimized signal from the relevant calibration reflector and gain adjusted to the specified percentage of full screen height.


A pipeline that contains, or has contained, petroleum fluids other az lean natural gas but has not been purged shall be cut only by mechanical means.

In the case of the thicker component, the thickness for design internal pressure shall be not greater than 1. The regulations mandate the following standards: Building Commission Regulates Western Australian building and plumbing industries. Criteria shall be aas follows: The pipe used for the reference standard shall be traceable to the rolling mill, steel manufacturer, steel grade and be of the same nominal dimensions as the pipe being tested.

This is principally a consequence aas the fact that planar defects are assumed to be one weld pass deep i.

AS 2885.2 – Key Concepts and Application

A discontinuity known as root slag intrusion, which occurs at the toe of the root bead, is recognized as an intrinsic feature of cellulosic electrode welds in pipelines. If the density in ae parent metal falls within the range specified above but the 288.2 minimum for the weld metal is not met, then the weld reinforcement shall be ground in the regions of insufficient density and the radiograph s shall be retaken so that the above requirements are met.

The following applies to transverse butt tensile strength 288.52 Remaining wall thickness in the corrosion pit areas for weld metal deposition repairs. Where two or more welders or operators qualify on a single test piece, each welder or operator shall be qualified for that position used and section or portion of the weld made. The rotational speed of the test unit shall be the same as for production testing. Their disposition by repair or removal shall be as directed by the pipeline licensee.

See Clauses 24 and 25 for information dealing with arc burns. Types of weld discontinuities and their proposed acceptance limits. To safeguard the public and consumers in such a changing environment, these new regulations have been introduced to ensure:.

Primary Industries and Resources S.


AS – Key Concepts and Application – Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

Refer to the Economic Regulation Authority for details of gas network operators. Method Charpy tests shall be carried out in accordance with AS Where the weld meets all the 22885.2 of acceptance, and the results have been recorded see Clause 6.

Australian research has shown that when strength matching can be demonstrated the Tier 2 limits can be extended down to 5 mm wall thickness and up to grade X The pipeline shall be earthed prior to the commencement of welding or cutting.

For wall thicknesses in excess of 6 mm, the procedure shall comply with AS Where quality monitoring systems are available, the information derived from monitoring should be used to select the regions chosen for NDE.

This term also applies to the purified product. Combinations of materials from different manufacturers that have been individually qualified do not require separate qualification for the combination see Table 5. The visual examination shall include measurement of the height of weld reinforcement in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of Figure For pipe ends of the same nominal 288.2, the offset shall not ss 3 mm for pipe with wall thicknesses greater than 6.

The welding procedure specification shall include tolerances for all of the specified dimensions. Changes have been made to the application clause to clarify where the Standard is intended to be applied.

The aggregate length of IL indications in any continuous mm length of weld exceeds 50 mm. In order to permit effective radiography of those welds that are to be radiographed, the height of external weld reinforcement shall be not greater than 285.2 specified in Figure Contact Building and Energy Building general queries Tel: