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Cited in para 3—1. This regulation is not subject to the requirements of AR 11—2.

Army Publishing Directorate

AR —30 Military Police Investigations. The expirationdate will be typed on the line provided on DA Form Installation commanders may approve the monitoring and recording of hostage negotiations to maintain an. Crime Records Center a. Some training and exercises should be conducted in conjunction with SRT exercises since both the hostage management teams and SRTs are principal members of the threat management force.

Major disruptions on installations. The request will include the following information: Communicate by telephone or provide the abductor with a communications device. Settle with the abductor on his or her negotiable demands by convincing the abductor to yield hostages for his or. Impact on New Manning System.

The SRT could also be included in contingency planning in the event of combat hostilities and sabotage. Keep the situation 190-5 and contained, and cleared of all personnel except those specifically authorized in the area.


A related publication is merely a source of additional information.

Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. Army Military Police School Section II Terms Full-time protective service team Trained wr assigned the mission of accompanying the principal and providing interface between the principal and all security forces.

It also provides guidance for protective service operations both on and off military installations. Establish communications with the abductor as soon as possible. Personnel in grade E4 with a minimum of 1 year military or civilian policeexperience may also be considered for selection.

Conduct advance coordination with the host country or with Federal and State officials in the event the. Major disruptions on installations Examples include the following acts, threats, or attempted acts which have the potential for widespread publicity and which require special response, tactics, and management: SRT uniform and equipment a. AR —2 1900-58 Security. The user does not have to read it to understand this regulation. Questions with regard to the interpretation of statutes or international agreements will be referred to the wr judge 190-558.

Summon medical, engineer, and explosive ordnance disposal EOD support personnel that have appropriate. The primary goal of the SRT is to preserve human life and restore normal activity on the installation. Establish, with the abductor, a way of making food and beverages available.

AR Personal Security

Users at invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form Recommended. Hostage negotiators will be identified and designated in contingency plans. Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. See figs 3—1 and 3—2 for completed samples of this form. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.


Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. Installation commanders will maintain an SRT capable of responding to a terrorist incident or other disruption on the installation within 2 hours or less from the time of notification.

Credentials that have not been laminated are not valid. 1900-58 Police Personal Security.


Weapons will 190-588 controlled in accordance with AR — Special reaction team weapons will include—. Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level. Respond to the hostage incident with a Threat Management Force. The objectives of the full-time protective service team are as follows:. This would include uniformed and nonuniformed security personnel military, U.

Trained personnel assigned the mission of accompanying the principal and providing interface between the principal and all security forces.

I t provides guidance for personal protective. Terrorism The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to attain political, religious, or ideological goals.