APNA BHAI DOGA. Code: SPCLH. Pages: ISBN: Language: Hindi. Colors: Four. Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi. Penciler: Image Studio. Apna Bhai Doga by from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!. Free Download and Read in pdf, cbr format “Apna Bhai – (Doga Comics)” here absolutely for free.. Read and enjoy the comics with high.

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Lekin yahan par kahani achhi ban padi hai, is series me jo haalat paida huye hai isko as a superheroes solve nahi kiya ja sakta, yahan par logon ki bhavnayon ko samajhna bahut jaruri hai, mujhe iske agey ki kahani ka intezaar hai ki writer kaise isko handle karte hai aur kahani yahan par agey badhti hai.

Expert hand-to-hand combatant, Skilled marksman, Peak human strength and ability, Indomitable will, Genius-level intellect, Ability to communicate with canines. Thursday, 25 September comic bahut hi acchi hai aur sahi direction me aage badi hai Doga ki conditin ye hoti h ki sab kuch uski aankho k samne ho raha hota h aur wo kuch v nahi kar patat h.

Often we see Doga being assisted by his uncles, most prominently by Kalimirch who is an expert marksman. Wednesday, 24 September apna bhai doga doga hindu he series ka ek aur sitara ban gaya he.

Free Download many series of Raj Comics and more. Here are the downloading links: Mujhe lagta hai ki doga ki rakhtdaan series ke har comics ko rate karnba is series ke saath nainsaafi hogi iisliye main poori series ko rate karunga To seek revenge, Suraj adopted the alter ego of Doga, wearing a dog mask to hide his identity. You can read or download the given comic file from here. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Monday, 29 September This comics of doga was flawless Wednesday, 05 February Bahut hi mast lagi ye cmx.


The name Doga is a derivative of dog, a creature which is extremely brave. Monday, 06 October Mein jab bhi RC padhta hoon to artwork mere liya koi khaas mayne nahi rakhta Amar prem series ko chhodkar kyunki main characters ke comics ka artwork kabhi bura nahi raha, hum ajlkal artwork ki baat karte hai ya phir kisi comics ke artwork ko bura batate hai kyunki humara expectation badh gaya hai aur ye achhi baat bhi hai ki RC apna standard uncha kiya hai. In a later story it was revealed that Monika is actually Suraj’s lost lover Sonu, who he thinks died many years ago.

Retrieved 18 December Deeply affected by his past and the cruelty on his life, circumstances resulted in an orphaned young Suraj to build up a life-long hatred against the twisted crime system.

The artwork is by Manu, But on some pages, a new inker ruins it. Dhania also means Coriander or Cilantro. Doga is considered to be among the three most popular comic leading characters created by Raj Comics due to his huge fan following, the other two being Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva.

Waiting for topic-Doga Hai Hai This factor charges him up equally for every wrong-doer he comes across. One time weight lifting champion.

Free Download: Apna Bhai – (Doga Comics) PDF, CBR

Suraj became Doga because of a personal tragedy that befell his “family” sometime later. Jis tarah se bloodman doga ko fasane ke plan bana raha hai aur usme kafi had tak kamyaab ho raha hai usko dekhkar bolna padega dpga Maan gaye ustaad. Now, Raj Comics is also publishing Digest consisting of sets of comics of Doga.

List dogw Doga’s till now published comics sequentially: To seek revenge, Suraj adopted the alter ego of Doga, wearing a dog mask to hide his identity. You may also like.


Because of his one-man army and brave image the people of Mumbai call him ‘Mumbai ka Baap’ Daddy of Mumbai. Tuesday, 18 September artwork aur storie bohot hi achi thi. The character first appeared in the issue Curfew. Doga on Raj Comics calendar.


Apna Bhai Doga: Buy Apna Bhai Doga by at Low Price in India |

Wednesday, 01 October badhiya comix thi Runs the ‘Lion Aim Club’, a training center for shooting. While in Halkan’s care, the child witnessed endless horrors that would ultimately lead to his becoming a sociopath.

A former member of the gym, Killota, set up his own place, and tried to eliminate his rivals permanently. His first name is revealed as Suraj, although his surname has yet to be specified.

Haldi also means Turmeric. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lomdi usko bacha k lati h. There is however a different story behind the name “Doga” which appeared in one of his comics. Deeply disturbed and traumatised since childhood, Doga is a cynical and brutish, yet idealistic vigilante who believes in “uprooting the problem rather than solving it”, and does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt and twisted.

Thursday, 06 February doga hindu hai, is my favourite comic collection of mine, it’s hard to explain the vhai of what i feel’s when i reads it, lovely one ever by doga akash kumar.

Another brother of Adrak. Doga has been presented showing no mercy towards criminals hence dooga is hugely popular for his one-man aapna image. Links text may be long as the decryption keys are also with them already so, kindly copy all the highlighted link text.

Owns a martial arts centre named ‘Lion Occult’. Sunday, 01 February Apna Bhai Doga,ye coic sandar he,par,is se kahi guna zyada sandaar he-Doga Hay Hay,mene to dono padh li he,pata nahi ab tak Doga hai hai ka topic is forum me apan kyu nahi kiya gaya???