Aphis (Aphis) citricola in Schmidt S, Monje J C. Taxon list of Hymenoptera from Germany compiled in the context of the GBOL project. Staatliche. Species Aphis citricola Van Der Goot, contains: Subordinate Taxa, Rank, Verified Standards Met, Verified Min Standards Met, Unverified, Percent. An examination of the original material of Aphis citricola v.d. Goot, a species described in from Chile but later erroneously sunk and eventually widely.

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Comparative toxicity of selected insecticides to Aphis citricola, Myzus malisuctus Homoptera: Aphids in natural and managed ecosystems. Oviparae showed a circadian rhythm in release of sex pheromone Hong et al. Impact Top of page A.

Aphis – Wikipedia

Insect Damage Spirea Aphid Aphis citricola 3 pictures total. Summary of Invasiveness Top of page A. Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; apterous vivipara, cauda and siphunculi.

Biology and Ecology Aphiis of page Genetics A. Current biological control projects.

Rosen discussed how the increasing prevalence of A. The succession of the predominant citrus aphids and the control of pesticides. It is of aphhis economic significance in young citrus orchards and on soft-skinned citrus varieties Miller, ; Barbagallo, Journal of Plant Protection Research, 47 1: Acta Entomologica Slovenica, 16 1: Baseline susceptibilities to imidacloprid for green apple aphid citrciola spirea aphid Homoptera: Acta Entomologica Bohemoslovaca, 80 3: Survey of flying viruliferous aphid species and population build-up of Aphis glycines Matsumura in soybean fields.


Contributo alla conoscenza degli afidi degli agrumi. Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; female vivipara. The parasitoid Aphelinus spiraecolae, which has a preference for A.

New records of host plants and natural enemies of Aphis citricola van der Goot Aphididae: Parasitized aphids die or stop producing offspring, but no further parasites are produced from mummies. Aphids on ornamental shrubs and trees in an urban area of the Catalan coast: Journal of Economic Entomology, 90 1: Aphsi Oecologica, 12 4: Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology, 80 4: Up to 14 generations may be produced in one year.

Aphis citricola van der Goot, , replaces Aphis spiraecola Patch, (Homoptera, Aphididae).

Difference of egg diapause in two host races of the spirea aphid, Aphis spiraecola. Leaves with heavy feeding damage are reduced in size, and can die prematurely. Siphunculi and cauda are dark brown and the head is brown in apterac. On distorted tips of shoots, several leaves can be rolled together. Eastop and Hille Ris Lambers listed synonyms but under the name citricola van der Groot.


Aphis citricola van der Goot, 1912, replaces Aphis spiraecola Patch, 1914 (Homoptera, Aphididae).

One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. An account of syrphid Diptera: Aphidoideaon citrus in South Africa. Shindo described five species of ant tending A.

Omkar; Bind RB, Accidental spread has resulted in it being introduced into countries worldwide. Diseases, Pests and Weeds of Tropical Crops. Biology of Aphelinus spiraecolae Hymenoptera: The aphid cannot feed on citrus leaves that become hardened after the first growth ‘flush’.

In winter, in temperate areas, few adults survive. Aphididae – a new pest on apple in Bulgaria. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d’Egypte, No. Annali dell’Istituto Sperimentale per l’Agrumicoltura,citriclla A British record of Aphis citricola van der Goot.

Canadian Entomologist, 5: Title Adult Caption Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; adult, female vivipara. Systematic Entomology, 13 2: Vienna, 8thth October Studies on the population dynamics of spirea aphid in apple orchards.