Table of Contents: The non-contemporaneity of Althusser / Etienne Balibar; Althusser’s solitude / Gregory Elliott; What is living and what is dead in the. why should one reconsider the work of Althusser? What could be a justifi- cation for an attempt to return to Althusser? Reading The Althusserian. Legacy, one. Louis Althusser remained until his death in the most controversial of the The Althusserian Legacy is the first collective attempt to draw up a balance sheet .

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Memorably, Althusser illustrates this with the concept of “hailing” or ” interpellation “. Account Options Sign in. Badiou has written many studies, including “Althusser: The subject of observation is not individual human elements, but rather “structure”.

For Marx a collection of works published between and and Reading Capital in collaboration with some of his studentsboth published inbrought international fame to Althusser. Although each practice has a degree of relative autonomy, together they make up one complex, structured whole social formation.

The Althusserian Legacy

The publication of Althusser’s posthumous memoir [ citation needed ] cast some doubt on his own scholarly practices. Louis Althusser did not althuaserian given television interviews. Jeffrey Mehlman New York: For Althusser, this example reinforces his claim that Marx’s explanation of social change is more complex than the result of a single contradiction between the forces and the relations of production.

Politics and Levacy in Althusser’s theory draws heavily from Jacques Lacan and his concept of the Mirror Stage [] —we acquire our identities by seeing ourselves mirrored in ideologies. The person being hailed recognizes himself or herself as the subject of the hail, and knows to respond. Upon hearing this call, the person responds by turning around and in doing so, is transformed into a subject.

These included both the influence of empiricism on Marxist theory, and humanist and reformist socialist orientations which manifested as divisions in the European communist parties, as well as the problem of the ” cult of personality ” and of ideology.


From Althusser to ‘Regulation Theory’. Althusser’s arguably more complex althusderian materialist than other Marxisms understanding of contradiction in terms of the dialectic attempts to rid Marxism of the influence and vestiges of Hegelian idealist dialectics, and is a component part of his general anti-humanist position. Freud and Lacan trans. Considerations on Western Marxism.

E. Ann Kaplan & Michael Sprinker (eds.), The Althusserian Legacy – PhilPapers

During the events of MayAlthusser was hospitalized because of a depressive breakdown and was absent in the Latin Quarter. Gerald Cohenin his essay ‘Complete Bullshit’, has cited the ‘Althusserian school’ as an example of ‘bullshit’ and a factor in his co-founding the ‘ Non-Bullshit Marxism Group ‘. Ann Kaplan and Michael Sprinker. Fabio Raimondi – unknown. An analysis understood in terms of interdependent levels and practices helps us to conceive of how society is organized, but also permits us to comprehend social change and thus provides a theory of history.

Jasmin Singh 27 August A Review of Michael Peters and P. We were living shut up in the cloister of our hell, both of us.

His Life’s Work and Legacy. Hegel and Herman Hesse translator, who later committed suicide and to whom Althusser dedicated his first book.

He fiercely condemns various interpretations of Marx’s works— historicism[] idealismand economism —on grounds that they fail to realize that with the “science of history”, historical materialismMarx has constructed a revolutionary view of social change.

The Philosophy of Structuralism and Post-Structuralism. No keywords specified fix it. Sign in to use this feature. Oxford University Press, To develop this idea, Althusser relies on the concepts of contradiction and non-contradiction, which he claims are illuminated by their relation to a complex structured whole.

In his autobiography, he wrote: Sur althhsserian philosophie Paris: Spinoza and Althusser Against Hermeneutics: For Althusser, these structures are both agents of repression and inevitable: Kneeling beside her, leaning over her body, I am engaged in massaging her neck. Alek Epstein – – The European Legacy 16 4: Epistemological break Overdetermination Ideological state apparatuses Interpellation Aleatory althudserian. Richard Veasey New York: Rather, Marx defines society as a set of fixed “levels” [] and “practices”.


Despite its many institutional forms, the function and structure of ideology is unchanging and present throughout history; [] as Althusser states, “ideology has no history”.

Key Themes and Thinkers. XII; Stolzep. Manfred Milz – – The European Legacy 16 7: Subjectivity without a Subject”, published in his book Metapolitics in Through her desire for me she also initiated me In the early postwar years, the PCF was one of the most influential political forces and many French intellectuals joined it.

Table of Contents: The Althusserian legacy /

Althusser and the End of Leninism? Althusser explains the reproduction of the relations of production by reference to althusseriqn of ideological and political practice; conversely, altyusserian emergence of new production relations can be explained by the failure of these mechanisms. In Althusser’s view, Marx does not simply argue that human needs are largely created by their social environment and thus vary with time and place; rather, he abandons the very idea that there can be a theory about what people are like that is prior to any theory about how they come to be that way.

Wade-Benzoni – – Business Ethics Quarterly 20 2: Althusser conceives of society as an interconnected collection of these wholes: History of Western Philosophy.