It also supplies a dye, wood etc, and is occasionally used for food. The plant is cultivated for its medicinal uses in DR Congo, and is also used in shelterbelts and. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Alchornea. Names of Alchornea in various languages of the world are also given. Alchornea Cordifolia. The ethanolic leaf extract of Alchornea cordifolia (Schum. and Thonn.) Müll. Arg ( Euphorbiaceae), a widely used traditional medicinal plant was assessed for.

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The leaves or leafy stems, as an infusion or chewed fresh, are taken for their sedative and antispasmodic activities to treat a variety of respiratory problems including sore throat, cough and bronchitis, genital-urinary problems including venereal diseases and female sterility, and intestinal problems including gastric ulcers, diarrhoea, amoebic dysentery and worms.

I am looking for a source of dried Alchornea Cordifolia leaves from Central Africa. Crude ethanol extracts of aalchornea leaves showed moderate in-vitro anthelmintic activity against Haemonchus contortuscotdifolia nematode pathogenic to small ruminants.

The dried samples were ground into powdered form using an electric grinder Saisho W and stored separately. Then, to all test tubes 1. Sort of getting addicted to your website. Pharmaceutical Biology 43 1: Journal of Ethnopharmacology The nectar glands at the leaf base attract ants, which protect the plant from attacks from other insects.

To get email Alert]. Food and water intake were normal and no deaths occurred. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.


I do not need huge amounts, only 5 – 50 pounds, if possible.

However, liver sections of mice treated with 0. However, the link between activity and particular compounds is often not clear, although the flavonoids and tannins seem to play a major role.

Antimicrobial spectrum of Alchornea cordifolia leaf extract.

Administration of Alchornea cordifolia 0. The ethanolic leaf extract chosen for this study showed the highest antimalarial activity in a previous study [8]. The haematological parameters were analysed with the aid of an automated analyser Sysmex XE, Canada.

The root bark showed the strongest activity. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. The animals were monitored closely for clinical signs of toxicity; i.

Dried leaves or roots, alone or with tobacco, are smoked to cure cough. The antidiarrhoeal activity of Alchornea cordifolia leaf extract. Corfifolia of mulch from 14 selected multipurpose trees MPTs on growth, nitrogen nutrition and yield of maize Zea mays L. These results suggest that Alchornea cordifolia is relatively non-toxic but has the propensity to induce hepatic injury at high doses.

March 04, ; Published date: The wood is light, soft and perishable and is used for house construction, stakes and kitchen utensils, and also benches when large stems are available.

Alchornea cordifolia is an herb that we have used for Lyme and Lyme co-infections in our herbal clinic. Please I want to know how to use alchormea to cure sexually transmitted cotdifolia STI.


Absorbance of sample and standard were read against reagent blank at nm dordifolia protein concentration calculated. More research is needed to elucidate these relations. Some of these flavonoids have been demonstrated to inhibit nephrotoxicity because of its strong antioxidant activity [ 20 ].

Alchornea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

A cold infusion of the dried and crushed leaves acts as a diuretic. This type of liver injury is however known to be reversible upon withdrawal of the toxicant allowing the liver cells to regenerate.

Alchornea cordifolia 1, leafy branch; 2, part of young male inflorescence; 3, tip of female inflorescence; 4, fruit; 5, seed. Edition Roche, Basel, Switzerland. A methanol extract of the cordifokia has shown inhibition of vascularization in chicken embryos. While the production of leaves is high, their palatability to cattle, goats and sheep is rather low.

Analysis of these parameters is important since there are several reports of liver toxicity related to the use of medicinal plant products [ 22 ].

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine

The leaves, roots and stem bark contain terpenoidssteroid glycosidesflavonoidstanninssaponinscarbohydrates and the imidazopyrimidine alkaloids alchorneinealchornidineand several guanidine alkaloids.

In Gabon bark and leaves are used to blacken cloth and pottery. Absorbance was taken at nm cirdifolia reagent blank after 5 min.