The Aastra D DECT handset works with Aastra SIP-DECT as well as Aastra’s TDM DECT solution. The Aastra d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket. Aastra d: fast delivery and good price This is IP&Go!. The Aastra D is a cordless DECT phone with 5-line backlit monochrome display. Call us on for expert advice | Onedirect.

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The date and time are then not displayed. You have to use the external line prefix to dial external call numbers default: Select Central settings, aasstra select… Time control: This is the list in which you enter the phone numbers you want to filter. The Charger Rack is perfect for enviroments where employees have no fixed work place — e. Product return and reshipping for free in Metropolitan France only.

You can view the phone numbers in the redial list, together with the corresponding details the time of the call, for exampledelete them, and copy them to predialing, to the telephone book, or to the caller filter. Features and Menus Voicebox mess.: Outgoing calls are no longer possible.

Housse Aastra d – SESC

Muting the Handset If you don’t want the other party taking part in your call to hear something that is said — e. Menu during the Call You have dialled a number.

Note If you are entering a phone number and don’t press any key for four seconds, the number that has been entered up to that point will be dialed. Ask your administrator for the configuration applicable to you. Use the arrow keys to select the desired name. Hands-free Use the arrow keys or the number keys “1” to “8” to set the desired aastrx level for 12d loudspeaker speakerphonethen press OK. This also applies to calls transferred or forwarded to you from other internal subscribers.


From Analog to Digital phones, from basic calling features to large color touch screen LCD displays; Aastra has aqstra you need. The stored phone number will be dialed directly. Page 2 Thank you for choosing this Aastra product. Note If you have already pressed the softkey with Silenceits function changes to Reject.

Add To Copies the phone number to predialing, to the telephone book, or to the caller filter see page As a general rule you should therefore never rely exclusively on cordless phones for essential communication needs e. Calling from the System Telephone Book The system telephone book is only available if supported by the system.

Use nickel metal hydride NiMH batteries only! Confirm the setting by pressing OK. The integrated memory card stores the device identification for the system, the local phone book and all the user’s personal settings.

F Select one of the following menu items and confirm this by pressing OK. Click for more details. When there are no entries in the telephone book: In all EU member states this product may be operated on a communication system that supports the specifications for an Open Mobility Management OMM system. The Headset Socket The mobile 14d2 has a 2.

Aastra 142d

Security This menu access option allows you to lock the keypad to prevent unauthorized use. If there is no power to the charger cradle and the handset is placed in the cradle, the handset will remain switched on and will gradually discharge itself while on standby. When you return this telephone for warranty service, you must present proof of purchase. Note If you see Please register!

Press R key briefly. It takes the three type AAA batteries that are supplied. If you are making a call, you have approximately five minutes’ talk time left before the handset switches itself off. To maintain the highest operating time possible, the batteries should be discharged now and again by not placing the handset in the charger cradle but leaving it switched on until it discharges itself. B Press Info Key to open the service menu. D If required, press Menu briefly. Add To You can add the phone number of the caller to the telephone book or the call filter.


Outside North America, contact your sales representative for return instructions. Installing a Charger Rack with handsets, in a central position, can offer employees conveniently positioned fully charged phones, continually on stand-by, for all to use.

If you activate the “Auto. Telephoning Entrance Intercom Calls Calling the entrance intercom If your OpenCom communications system is connected to an entrance intercom, you can speak with a visitor at the entrance intercom with the following code procedure. The Aastra D handset has been discontinued. You perform this setting by pressing the star key Buzzer Off appears in the display.

Environmental Properties And Disposal Appendix Environmental Properties and Disposal Valid for the European Union The product was manufactured in line with the legal specifications and man- ufacturing directive and is recycling and environmentally compatible.

During a call you cannot use the right soft key and the aastrs button to unlock the phone.

Like any cordless phone this mobile phone uses radio signals which do not always guarantee that a connection can be established under any circumstances. Index 45 C key 25 Calling 43 Call from caller lists 45 accept 51 from the Aastra d phone deflect 50, 51 book 68 end 48 from the system phone book 64 park 46, 51, 58 Calling the entrance intercom Simultaneously lift the battery compartment cover upward as shown 2. Snom technology develops and manufactures VoIP phones based on open standard for enterprise communications.

A Press the hook key to dial the number immediately.