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Fast Acting Fuse, Voltage-Rate. Pentair Equipment Protection – Hoffman.

It really does help. Since this takes up lots of space the K x4 was implemented. And two little pin holes in one RAM socket were green too. Is there a way to use a regular CR button battery? Yes, they need to operate at the same speed. Also there is a list o motherboards here http: Hirose Electric Co Ltd. Fast Acting, Fuse Current: An alternative memory chip is a K x1. Your battery corrosion does not look that bad at all now.


I see some corrosion in a nearby component. Series of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators. The 4-pin external battery header CN10 plays an important role here. Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Parity only requires 1-bit for every 8-bytes in this context. If not you can solder in a new battery, or wires to a battery holder.

AAA Stock and Price by Distributor

You need 8 1Mbit x1 to make 1MByte. Mallory Sonalert Products Inc. Res Thick Film 3. I got the holder from a now defunct motherboard How could I test this?

AAA1M300J-07, AAA1M300J-08, AAA1M304P-05

The other sockets are for a different type of ram chip. But since you have a battery header I would just use that. And also, I don’t know how this DIP ram works, the way it is grouped is strange to me. Labels Marker Label White Thanks for your input. I also see 4 banks of 2 pin DIP sockets, but this aren’t repeated.

The rest are for power and addressing. To get an 8-bit interface you would need eight chips, a bit interface, 16 chips. I really dig playing with old hardware and software and I like your community very much.


Mounting Bracket 3-Gang, Product Range: The external battery header is usually for a non-rechargeable battery, so if you connect a non-rechargeable here there should not be an issue.

I placed a CR holder in the same original place the barrel battery that is to say, the internal battery was, using the same contacts.

You will have to look up the datasheet on the ram chips you have, but i would guess the “1M” in the part no. You have 4 chips in bank 0, and 4 more in bank 1, giving a total of KBytes or 1MBytes.