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The authors are solely responsible for the content of their articles. No reproduction, copy or transmission of this publication may be made without written permission. Such an impressive participation is a proof that academia members are dedicated to furthering research and participating in debates on topics concerning professional communication, socio-linguistic changes in society, translation studeis, and pedagogy and didactics of modern languages.

The conference inaugurated new interests in the research activity of the Department of Communication and Foreign Languages at Politehnica University, Timisoara, namely Communicating science in the knowledge-based society.

Therefore, a large number of papers followed this broad topic and focused on instances in the contemporary history of developing new science branches in Romania or worldwide, as well as specific challenges of research in current sociolinguistic trends.

The opening of the conference was streamed live, allowing thus an increased participation to the plenary sessions which filla the tone and the level of presentations. This volume of proceedings is the result of a peer-review process cijcea aimed at selecting papers along the already traditional sections of the previous volumes: Professional Communication, Linguistics and Communication, and Translation Studies, which were also the main conference sections.

The conference participants could also follow the debate on Cloud computing and professional communication in terminological research, and share their views on Technical communication in foreign languages during the round table discussions.

Such a rich exchange of ideas indicates the constant concern for communication in professional settings, for the contribution of linguistics to our knowledge about various forms of communication, and for sharing effective solutions to teaching these forms.

The articles in the Professional Communication section present the emergence of institutionalized Romanian education and research in the field of Communication Science, results of research into genres of political and PR communication, reflections on new media and virtual interactions, rhetoric, legal aspects of communication, art communication and advertising. The articles in the Linguistics and Communication section focus on linguistic creations in the economics terminology ffiola journalistic cibcea, and on the influence of one language German over another Romanian.

The four articles in the Foreign Language Pedagogy section focus on applications of technology and media in language classrooms, on conditions for second language proficiency or on various approaches to teaching and learning foreign languages.

Due to the valuable manuscripts submitted for publication, a second volume of the conference proceedings is scheduled to cinca published inwhich will support and facilitate the continuation of scientific dialogue on the trends in professional communication, translation and didactics of modern languages first of all Europe-wide, but also with ccincea from other cultures and experiences.

Her research interests focus on contemporary French semantics, discourse analysis, LSP translation and French grammar. Author of 10 books on stylistics, journalism and modern history, her focus is on applied linguistics, communication sciences and political science. Her professional experience includes translation, counselling in public relations, academic management provost of a private university,and political journalism. She is distinguished with the National Order for Merit in Education She is a member of the Fiolz Communication and Research Association, vice-president of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy, vice-president of the Association for Romanian Media History, vicepresident of the Centre for Ethical Resources and Initiatives and a cincwa of the Association for Professors in Journalism and Communication.

International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy. He teaches IR Theory and International Communication and publishes intensively analyses and forecasts on international media relations.

His research interests include translation theory and methodology, LSP translation, and discourse analysis for translation purposes. His research interests include different aspects of specialised discourse, especially legal communication and multimodal cinceaa of scientific knowledge.


Focus in his research is on the interplay between meaning and knowledge as individual and collective entities. He is one of the editors of the international journal Fachsprache and member of a number of editorial boards of international fila.

PCTS 6_2013

Her research projects include: Her research interests include communication theory, intercultural communicarion, rhetoric, and german didactics. She has been authoring and co-authoring more than ten books and German language courses. Her research interests include rhetoric of science, narrative theory, technical and scientific communication, multimodal composition, and research methodologies in rhetoric and composition. In and she was Director of the Thomas R.

Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition. He holds a PhD in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Malaga, Spain and his research centers on legal translation and translation technologies.

Her research interests focus on German linguistics, comparative linguistics, languages in contact and German grammar. She teaches courses of German morphology and syntax.

She is the author and the co-author of numerous articles and several books: Schwerpunkte der deutschen Grammatik: He is also a poet and literary translator, coeditor of the international scholarly journal ELOPE, member of the editorial board of the leading Slovene literary and cnicea magazine Nova Revija, and a corresponding fellow of The English Association.

His main areas of research lie in translation studies, narratology, modern English and American poetry. She is the author or co-author of several books and dictionaries, the oldest being The Sounds of English and Romanian co-author D. She is the founder and editor of the journal B.

He is the author of several bilingual dictionaries Dictionar englez-roman de afaceri, and cibcea on translation studies Translation Theories of the 20th Century, ; An Introduction to Translation Studies, He is the author of the following volumes selection: Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, BudapestMemoirs of the war in Romanian cultureHow to write a scientific text,Insights into the Romanian media history, Trends and tendencies in contemporary journalismChanges in Europe, changes in the mediaTrends in Cultural journalismSequences in the history of Romanian pressMedia style and language media in RomaniaManipulation of public opinionWooden Language in the media Yesterday and TodayRomanian journalism in exile and diasporaDocumentation in journalismCensorship in the mediaObjectivity in Journalism His main areas of research include applied linguistics, communication science, translation science, intelinguistics and language technology.

He has published many articles and cinceaa, including Knowledge, Language, Media, Work. Contrastive Dependency Syntax for machine Translation Professor Klaus Schubert is also the co-editor of trans-kom, a scientific journal of translation studies and technical communication, and of the book series TransUD. Her research has focused on areas which run parallel to her teaching: She has also co-authored Professional Genres in Public Administration and two bilingual dictionaries of robotics She coordinated a research project on a NCSRHE grant about professional genres used in business and public administration settings.

She teaches French linguistics and translation and her research interests include French and Romance linguistics, contrastive analysis, and translation theory and methodology. Etudes de traductologie; coord. He is teaching aesthetics and comparative studies. He is the author of over twenty contributions at scientific events and he published two volumes: She teaches theory of communication, semiotics, and non-verbal communication.

She has published more than 80 scientific articles and 10 volumes: Her main research interests concern visual semiotics, Theory of Communication, Meta-referentiality, Intermediality, History of Arts. She was vicepresident of ARIP between and She is the founder and the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in advertising at this institution. Her research interests include media communication, advertising and new media. His current research focuses on rhetoric, communication, and philosophy.

In he published Wittgenstein and the private language. From the cincsa confusions to the communication. Her research interests are in the field of communication sciences, advertising, xincea relations, and new media.

Her research fields are translation studies, communication, Romanian literature, French literature, Francophone literature, comparative literature, stylistics of Romanian poetry, and rhetoric. Mimetic Poetry and Visionary Poetry. He is the author of 20 textbooks and university courses in institutional and diplomatic discourse, translation studies, globalization studies, and terminology. He is interested in communication, media studies, journalism, PR and persuasion.


Her areas of interest include translation general and specialiseddiscourse analysis, pragmatics, French language teaching. She is the author of four books and of more than 40 articles; member in national and international professionnal organizations ACMV, ARDUF and member of the organizing committee of three international conferences.

Knight of the Order of “Academic Palms. She is also interested in flola aspects related to testing, teacher training, translation teaching and translation research, and has published a wide range of scientific papers on these topics.

Calaméo – PCTS 6_

As a practitioner, she has expertise in the translation of technical texts. Her PhD research focused on improving communication and information on European Funds.

She also published in various anthologies, scientific and cultural journals, both in Romania and abroad. She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

As a translator, former book editor, co-author of textbooks, and author of articles, she and focused her research on topics such as ESP teaching, cross-cultural business communication, cultural anthropology, literature, literary theory, rhetoric, semiotics, translation.

Her main fields of academic interests are communication sciences, crisis management and management of organizational communication. She is the author of several scientific articles in this field, and of the book Organizational Communication Management As a political analyst, entrepreneur in the field of public communication and journalist, she published more than articles in the local and central media from Romania since She has published a number of papers on translation in both Serbian and English in the fields of translation theory, translation pedagogy translation and translator competence and translation criticism, as well as a book on translation of American substandard language varieties.

She has recently submitted her PhD research on the effectiveness of cooperative vs. She is also an assistant at the Department of Russian Language of the same university; her research interests include lexicology, phraseology and cognitive semantics. Also, as a researcher he was involved in the development of local and regional studies whose purpose was to investigate socio-economic issues in the surveyed area. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania, where he teaches sociology.

Her main research interests include literature, lexis and teacher training.

She did her PhD research in the field of communication science and translation studies PhD Dissertation: Translator as a Medium in Intercultural Communication. Her research interests include translation and communication science, intercultural communication, translation theory, specialized translation, German language, and CAT. She authored many scientific articles and the book Translatorik im Kontext der Kulturspezifik.

He reported extensively from major international events and from places of utmost importance and urgency: He was a contributing correspondent for the CNN World report from toand he was a permanent correspondent of the Romanian National Television to Washington D. He teaches television journalism and international relations at the University in Cluj-Napoca since and at the Andrei Saguna University of Constanta since He has a PhD in international relations and published his study on African communicators in the last three decades.

Recently he published a book on television journalism at a time of convergence cincew great changes produced by digitalization. He contributed a number of articles to Romanian magazines and quarterlies on journalism and international relations. He attends regularly national and international meetings and conferences dedicated to these two diola. He received his PhD in Sociology from BabesBolyai University in ; his main research topics include sociology of communication, computer-mediated social interactions, sociology of politics, and methods and techniques of social research.