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In this article, initially present applications and policies will be analyzed by examining the security positions of founded piplines. Employing private and institutional security organizations will also decrease these costs. Therefore all the critics and requests are burdened on JGK provided with the pipelines expanding its duties and work load in addition to its conventional missions, not to mention the potential of new routes.

LINE km. When we think that a pipeline route goes through many cities, it is not always convenient to obtain the same initiative form each council of relavant cities.

When we look at the 25 year implications of the protocols sinceonly in Iran- Turkey pipeline 5 sabotage attacks have been experienced. In fact there are applications on other sectors by means of this method, in other words, private security corporations are seriously engaged in sensitive installations such as airports, shopping centers, and even in public offices.

One may also think that, by applying this new formation a more proffesional institte would be attained, Turkey would be more experienced on pipeline security, even a pipeline training center in the region and substantial burden of insurance costs would be decreased.

This fact proves that flow of oil and gas is still under a threat.

pandora fairy 48 00 5188 kanun

Security service procurement might be another option to meet pipeline security needs. Kanhn transfer of natural gas has become very favorable, owing to its tarnsfer utility and cost effectiveness aspects. In other words, main purpose of this exercise is to form a joint understanding of security among participating parties within BTC.


In the concept of energy infrastructure and related issues, security is considered to be the most projecting concern in todays energy arenas.

In those regions, there had been 20 theft events until September and thieves and their tankers had been seized, securing 75 tons of fuel. Some of those attacks are claimed to be performed by PKK Majority of the attacks took place in the southeastern regiona of Turkey. Daily loss that is caused for any reason is around US dollars. All 7 sabotage incidents took place on Iraq- Turkey line.

With increasing pipeline projects in Turkey, this issue becomes a new security item, even a security problem itself. In order to realize this target, and satisfy the reliability of pipeline infrastructure in Turkey, it is alo vividly important to secure the pipelines and procure the safety of commodities that pass through these pipelines to reach destinations where energy is highly demanded.

Then, a brief evaluation of the present policies will be introduced.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

Aknun construction is expected to be completed by with 31 bcm of natural gas annual tarnsfer. It is also compulsory to grasp the dimensions of costs and outcomes of the security issues of pipelines for the future projects, provided that Turkey will become a energy corridor between the east and the west, although no significant incident has been experienced so far in Turkey.

Means of obtaining authorization for private security agencies are outlined in Law article 3: In the regions west of Sivas, pipeline security has been considered within the general county security concept of police department and Gendermarie.


In accordance with this requirement, a strong and proffesional legal team or establishment should be founded. From the information leaned by the securtiy officials, although protocols serve to protect the pipelines, there is still lack of solid coordination between the operating parties, uncertainities in the legal structure of the pipelines, and protocols do not give a way to develop a serious mean the methods applied for providing the security of pipelines.

Physical sanctions should be worked together with the technological means. Although the project as whole in negotiation, EU parties incessantly demand a seperate and special security foundation to maintain all sorts of security issues which attracts attention of Turkish authorities resulting formation of a new way of knun in pipeline security. Kanu of energy through its soil to kahun western markets is one the advantages it might get in the coming years.

Within this discussion expertise on pipeline security must be highly encouraged. Security is an expensive and a challenging service.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

Nabucco natural gas pipeline that aims to transfer the oil from Caspian basin to the European markets is a major pipeline project that will pass through Turkey.

Furthermore, in order to eliminate security concerns, periodical meetings are organized by JGK with participation of relevant parties, however; main responsiblity still lies on JGK, which we think unfair. Taking into account of all thses facts, the main objective of this study to investigate how Turkey, which aims to be a energy transit route Pamir, In order to minimize vandalizm and theft incidents, enforcing dissuasive legal sancitons, increasing legal sentences, and pursuing the relavant cases are highly eminent.